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Jedi Council

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 0.0 "Shards of Honor begins"
All that remains of the once great Jedi Order, after surviving Order 66 issued by Chancellor Palpatine, the council reformed on the Tapani world of Dendarii in Pelagia Province. A savage attack by the Galactic Empire using hyperspace capable nuclear bombardment drove the council to a temporary location on an old mining station.   Later, they were granted the world of Allandor.  
All that remains of the once great Jedi Order, , this small collection of Masters and students now reside on the hidden world of Dendarii in Tapani sector's Pelagia province. on New Dendarii, a space station constructed mostly by happenstance and loose parts on Allandor. Emperor Gregor gave it to us about an hour and a half before broken starships fell on Estalle Island, in what might've been a treason plot.   It's been a hell of an education so far.
— VNYsadora


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