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Hilda Burroughs

Hilda Burroughs (a.k.a. "Hildy")

VNY's notes:

Nice young Tapani lady from Cadriaan Province.
I still have not heard how she met Acer and Sev, nor how that all processed. They say it's a boring story and then they change the subject. This tells me that, one, it is NOT AT ALL a boring story; two, the statute of limitations has not run out; and three, it won't be any of my business unless and until the three of them decide that Chaplain Ysadora would be useful.
Which is likely to be never.
That's fine. They're happy and they are intelligent adults.
The story about their honeymoon, now that one is worth buying 'em lunch to hear!
- database entry updated Katunda
Shelova Week

Mental characteristics


Hildy Burroughs has a part-time job with the Tapani Ministry of Information as a substitute Personal Assistant.
When a Tapani Imperium public-facing office is due to give their receptionist or tourism management specialist or meeting scheduler or spokesperson a vacation, or when a change of personnel will have a gap of up to a few weeks between prior post's departure and new post's arrival, the Ministry of Information arranges for Hildy to step in. She will not touch any complex or sensitive projects -- she is not trained for any of that -- nor does she directly attend diplomatic functions. The Ministry provides her with a secure apartment in a nice part of town, and gives her the option of a company driver and vehicle for her after-hours use, and pays half of any membership fees for either one semester's class in the local educational venues or (if no local programs interest Hildy) a special venue such as beginner's xenobotanical illustration at the Botanical Garden or a once-per-week cooking class at a high-end confectionary.
Hildy has joked at least once that she has a great foundation for a secret career as an art thief, if only that sort of thing would not absolutely ruin her manicure.


Family Ties

Social Aptitude

Hildy gives an impression of being a stereotypical Society Girl, perhaps a little flighty or vapid, but always deeply interested in whichever soul happens to have her direct focus.
Since it feels good to have a lovely maybe-model person listening in apparent fascination to whatever one happens to be saying, and asking follow-up questions, most people tend to like Hildy's company very much.
And, since they did most of the talking, to suppose Hildy does not have many original thoughts of her own.
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
forest green
blonde (usually), curly, elegantly styled
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
peaches-and-cream with freckles
Aligned Organization


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