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Gretsevain Peninsula

Holopedia Galactica entry:

The Gretsavain Peninsula, an outer extension of Allandor's continent Awura into the Allani Ocean, was originally a much larger landmass in nearly every direction. During Twilight, several hyperspace missiles struck the Danthon Gulf. Survivors theorize that the missiles followed the traces of hyperspace engines when interstellar freighters traveled to the agricultural combines of the area.
Damage here is no longer as thorough as can be found at the former site of Arseksa, the original capitol of Allandor.
The current primary starport for Allandor is on the extreme southern tip of the Gretsavain Peninsula. It is surrounded by tall embankments intended to help divert any explosions directly upward into the atmosphere.
The Sangat Jedi Temple is located on Awura, overlooking most of the Danthon Gulf and Gretsavain Peninsula.
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