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Expedition Log of Dr. Zack Stavin

Personal Log
Expedition to the Glass Temple of the Choni
Dr. Zack Stavin, University of Mrisst

I should have guessed following the 200-year-old notes of a High Republic archaeologist would lead me to a desert planet. All things considered, Chalcedon isn’t the worst. At least it wasn’t the underworld of Faultline on Nar Shaddaa. Small favors there.
But the trip out here? It’s not been a waste of time.
That old Shistavanen archeologist, Dr. Kylin Nordraysen, was onto something. He recounted that the vitenn irok had some old memories he cracked open. I tried it myself but couldn’t pull out the fragments. Doesn’t matter, he did a pretty decent job of translating.
Based on his notes, I’ve found a match for the symbols he saw from the memories stored on the irok. They’re runes. Really, letters from different languages. At least one is a pictographic language, so one letter is a whole word. Nice.
I’ve confirmed what Dr. Nordraysen suspected. They’re all messages that I think might all say the same thing. A signpost written in three different languages over three different eras.
The Glass Temple of the Choni is ancient and almost entirely forgotten. I’m probably one of the last few who even knows about them.
Odd thing is that one of these languages matches what I believe was used by the old Forcebender monks that are extinct. They wrote out their directions before the old Chonii Techs even formed their order and way before their ‘Glass Temple’, or library, was set up here on Chalcedon.
Then there’s the second language. The one written in Sith. It’s more recent than the Forcebenders but still old. It was written long before Dr. Nordraysen’s time. I’m no Jedi, but even I know those bastards are only after personal power. So whatever they were looking for? I doubt it was just ordinary credits.
I’ve found duplicates of the first markers here at the Bendu temple. Asking about the markings or what’s out in the deep desert that people were looking for got me nowhere. The temple grandmistress? All she does is laugh, feed me tea, some of those little biscuits and say “… best to let the Sleeper Dream.”
So, that just leaves me with the rough translation from the Forcebenders and the Sith: “Mind’s Eye”.
Then there’s that third language. I’m almost certain it’s older than the first two, based on the age of the carvings at the temple. No idea what it says. For all I know it says: “Eat at Bonanza Joes! Best Bantha Burgers this side of Courscant.”
I do have a hint, though. There was this one Forcebender reference to a script written in this same language I can’t translate. They used the word, “Eborrean”. Not sure what that means or how it relates, though. 
In any case, I set out for the deep desert to the Northeast of the Bendu temple tomorrow morning. If I’ve hacked the power adapter right, the vitenn irok should be charged by then. I’ll use to it record my memories of what I find as a backup to my datapad.


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23 Oct, 2021 21:01

Aerena here - I knew those Eborreans were a menace a long time ago, but if the Jedi AND Sith fought them - or is it that they wanted to learn from them??

6 Nov, 2021 20:40

Hm, oh there is much more to this that that!