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Episode 3.09: Escape Velocity, Chapter 6

Vanya Ysadora, Davish Tam, and Reese Pieces have traveled to the world of Yonbiss on the border between the Outer Rim and the Unknown Regions. They are hoping to rescue a squad of Crimson Knights that survived the massacre of their order on Coruscant.
Little do they know that the last of the Crimson Knights are embroiled in a bitter war. A conflict they didn’t start between two dark forces seeking to destroy each other. The draconian Eborian Collective and the evil Eternal Sith Empire.
Even now the Eborian Collective has begun construction of a new orbital platform. A starship with a new weapon system capable of igniting the atmosphere inside a ship, or even around a world, into super-heated plasma.

Plot points/Scenes

  1. Episode 3.09 - Escape Velocity, Chapter 6 Report
    Report | Sep 24, 2023
    Chapter 6 begins:
    After a week of travel through hyperspace, the Night Sparrow arrives in the insular Yonbiss System. Yet another skirmish is just now wrapping up in the ongoing war between the Eborrean Collective and Eternal Sith Empire for control of this world.
    Each aggressor would have noticed the Sparrow if the full adventuring team had been present -- they create that sort of ripple in the fabric of local reality.
    However! Today, four out of five occupants within the ship are Clergy -- so they try out a more spiritually inspired approach. . . .
    . . . prudence.
    Plus a liberal helping of misdirection.
  3. Episode 3.09 - Escape Velocity, Chapter 6, Part 2 Report
    Report | Sep 24, 2023
    Chapter 6 scene 2:
    Now that we have found and investigated the crashed VorCadriaan freighter, and rescued assorted Yondini refugees from their Raven Guard pursuers, we take them to their settlement in Vok City.
    Technicians' goggles conveniently obscure the signature eyebrows of two Mentats. They adopt the personae of outlaw tech duo Reese Pieces and Heath Toffee. Heath is a confident, upright man; a proud student of the "Al'Saba School of Diplomacy".
    Before the last light of afternoon fades here, far across the known Galaxy, a group of experienced lifelong soldiers suddenly wish that "Highlight Reel" had been active in a place with no such equipped family members. How strange.
  5. Episode 3.09 Escape Velocity, Chapter 6, Part 3! Report
    Report | Sep 24, 2023
    Chapter 6 scene 3:
    Obviously, our mission to rescue the local Crimson Knights includes theft of a starship. We will help return the Khashyun to its status as historic art. We will remove the primary contention point of the planetary war. We will make off with the Sun Spear, tastefully update its interior design, eradicate all nonsense about an "atmosphere-boiling weapon".
    Before we can do that, we need to go over to the ancestral Necropolis to collect the hidden components of the control mechanism for said superweapon.
  7. Chapter 6 scene 4: The Heist



The war in the Chalcedon system has come to a bloody, ragged end. But even though the war ended, the battles continue. Brush fires from scattered pirates and insurgents harass the young Republic.
Freedworlds forces, battered and bloody, are unbowed. They work overtime to stamp out these problems with an eye to avoid the mistakes of the past. Chancellor Kanter is well aware of the path that was taken between the Old Republic and the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. She has no urge to repeat those mistakes.
Now, the actual work to build a stable and just government has started. Already the first challenge has appeared: the Hutt Meldari Council.
Black Sun retreated into the shadows, leaving the Hutts no choice but to concede Chalcedon to the Freedworlds. With no other options, the Hutts entered a negotiation with the Freedworlds Republic for concessions over captured prisoners of war, resources, business deals, and more.
One issue stands in the way of the others, and may be the Hutt’s main grievance: the kidnapping of Jem Vandos. Vandos is the only humanoid to be legally considered a ‘Hutt’ and a voting member of the Meldari Council. To the Hutts, Vandos is legally one of their own. So this kidnapping is a dire offense.
The Hutt Kajidics, or clans, blame the Freedworlds for the kidnapping. Chancellor Kanter denies it.
As the negotiations are at a stalemate, Chancellor Kanter has dispatched dozens of teams to scour the system for Jem Vandos. Returning the man to the Hutts would break the stalemate.

An Artful Dodge

The trip to Tunring Station uncovered illegal spicing mining but not Jem Vandos. Instead, the Jem Vandos the Explorers found was an actor. A decoy hired to mislead any hunters searching for the real Gamesman.
It was a deadly trap but one the Explorers survived. After the dust settled, they learned that Jem had been transported across the galaxy at Sargon Xan Daran’s orders. Where? They didn’t have exact coordinates. Instead, they had four probable locations.
Of the four, one was the distant world of Yonbiss on the border between the Outer Rim and the Unknown Regions. This was also the location where Vanya had been given a vision by the Force as to where the last of the Crimson Knights could be found. Vanya and Davish lost little time in setting off for the distant world. Reese Pieces and his apprentice, Almon D’Joy decided to join them, curious as to how this squad of Crimson Knights survived.

Mission of Mercy

Even now, the group flies through hyperspace to the distant system. One so isolated, little to no news about it exists. But, if rumors are believed, the Crimson Knights were sent here by the command of Emperor Palpatine with secret orders to undermine a deadly foe. A secret mission that didn’t end once Palpatine was overthrown…



  • Jedi Knight VN Ysadora
  • Crimson Knight Sir Davish Tam
  • Reese Pieces, otherwise known as KitKat the Mentat. Assigned to investigate the odd happenings on Chalcedon but now assigned to retrain the nefarious Almon D'Joy by the Mentat Science Council.
  • Allies

  • Zam Ello. Former member of Clan Tilles. Now working as a retainer for Sir Davish Tam and Jedi Knight Vanya Ysadora
  • Almon D'Joy, rogue Mentat and Dark Side practitioner. A brilliant, mad, genius who sought to overthrow the Tapani Imperium for his own gains. Now, after events with the Raven Guard and being rescued from Sargon Xan Daran, he is apprenticed to Reese Pieces for rehabilitation.
  • Adversaries

  • Sargon Xan Daran, a deadly and powerful individual who rivaled Darth Sidious himself. His obsession with 'cleansing' the Tapani Sector and the galaxy as a whole, is only equaled by his obsession with Danar Vorpadran.
  • Raven Guard, A group of former Imperial Royal Guard and other Sith fanatics that follow their own twisted take on the Mandalorian Creed. They have allied themselves with Sargon Xan Daran for unknown reasons.
  • Eborrean Collective, a rumored threat from beyond known space, these militaristic, Quarren-like people are said to have a military base on Yavin IV. Eborreans have not been anything but hostile to life in the known galaxy. The Explorers have discovered these people may be at the mercies of a parasitic species that perhaps feeds off the very Force itself.
  • Backdrops



    New Acquaintances
  • Minsa Sol
  • --
    Eternal Sith Empire
  • Raven Guard
  • --
  • B-21, Archaeological Explorer Droid, sometimes called "Beedy"
  • --
    Vok City Military and Municipal
  • Leftenant Pag Dan
  • medical officer Amdo Vair
  • Portmaster Bab Sritoo adores visiting Outlaw Techs Reese Pieces and Heath Toffèe
  • --
  • Captain Levon Bonteld, likely deceased, source of cyphered message about the Khashyun.
  • Sir Brak Topin, pilot, possibly Lieutenant
  • Sir Rock Tapna
  • Paladin Bab Sritoo, who also serves as regional Portmaster, uses a lighthammer instead of a lightsaber.
  • --
  • Vok City
  • Necropolis
  • --
  • Nova Horizon, crashed Ghtroc-720 "Turtle" light freighter, originally commissioned for House VorCadriaan.
  • Sun Spear
  • --
    Items and Materials
  • Khashyun, possibly the Key (Sword) to controlling the Sun Spear
  • --

    The Databank

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    Night Sparrow Databank

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    Databank on board the Night Sparrow, used for the team's database of information
    Mission: Pirate Base in the Hardridge Bulwark ruins, deep desert, Chalcedon
    Mission: Yavin IV

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