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Episode 3.08, Kanter's War, Chapter 1 Report

General Summary

TC Log
Master Sergeant TC-519, Jenkins Vorysadora
Port Etmar, Planet of Chalcedon, Chalcedon System.

The speeches and cheering were over, so the real work got started.
That isn’t to say Chancellor Kanter’s speech wasn’t needed. It was. But, there is a shab-load of work to get done. I had to remind Goss about that, so he would quit drooling over the versiwalkers. Commaner Ysadora was right, they aren’t his.
But, he’s helping get those scanned, so he’s being helpful? I suppose. I bet he’s going to try to talk Sparks into making one.
The day, thankfully, was a calm one. Sort of. It was mostly training communication techs in the new Space Command Center the Freedworlds Republic has got now. It was Chancellor Kanter’s idea she dreamed up that morning. Really, I know she’s struggling with the job and all, but she is actually pretty good at it.
But things weren’t so calm out where Hicks and the others wound up. They met at the Kerplocken house. Good idea. Zaye Kerplocken makes a damn good breakfast. Noghri home cooking, which is better than it sounds. That meant Hicks and Doc needed to escort Jedi So’zen there. Jedi Knight So’zen Al Saba was still out of his mind, thinking he was some archeologist or something because he zapped himself with an old artifact.
There’s a lesson there. Don’t tinker with ancient things that lack instructions and still have power after several centuries. They got him there, despite the messed up memories in his head that kept trying to make him go north.
I only know what Hicks told me about the meeting, but it sounded intense.
Commander Ysadora, Reese, Vance, Davish, Captain Kolene, and Commander So’zen… or Dr. Zack Stavin, which he kept calling himself… met at Vance’s place. Hicks and Doc were just there to make sure Jedi So’zen didn’t go running off into the desert with no gear again. Like a hat. Sungoggles. Water. Sunscreen. Useful things.
Naturally, “Dr Zack” tried running off at least once. I was surprised it took Captain Kolene two shots to stun “Dr. Zack” so he could be hauled back inside.
They talked about the current situation here with the Freedworlds Republic, attacks by Black Sun and their allies. Then there was debate over the Tleilaxian Mentat, Almon D’Joy and what that laser-brained loon was up to now.
Reese, also a Mentat but not a loony one, had a lot of theories. They all were about Almon being after that Infinity Gate in the old temple. How all the attacks were distractions, a means to allow Almon to get people in close to scan the thing because he wanted to use it. Reese has some idea there’s a special ‘key’ somewhere that unlocks that energy gate to some place else.
Sounds crazy, but it makes sense. The Infinity Gate is some kind of Force artifact that acts like a tiny hyperspace jump point. But on a planet. I need to ask Ruk about that sometime. See if he flinches.
In the meeting, the group got most of their facts together about Almon D’Joy. I mean they know he’s a problem, but the fact the Tleilaxian Mentat is really mucking around with Sith Alchemy? Not good. To make things more complicated, Rico got called over to answer about some odd crystals.
He had that old droid ball thing he found in the underground tomb under the obelisk, north of Port Etmar. I told him he should have put it back and Goss is a laser brain for even messing with it in the first place. But what’s done is done.
It seems the thing transforms into a series of metal rings, that then shape to a gauntlet with armor plates. No idea what the metal it, but it blocks blaster bolts like a beast.
Then there was Chancellor Kanter. She showed up after ditching her bodyguards again. We all wish she would stop that. Anyway, she’s hit her limit with the local warlords from the deep desert raiding supply freighters. So, she asked the group if they would look into it.
Hicks said what the Chancellor wants is for the warlords to work with her and the Republic. Which means quit hitting the supply lines. She asked if the group would go talk to the ‘pre-eminent warlord’, if that’s a thing. A half-human, half-bothan named Erenn Baize. He likes to play at being a Vor noble or something. Could be that he really is a Vor in exile. Those seem to spring up like Beltoian Daisies in the snow.
In any case, they agreed. Which, it gave Davish a chance to get his new ship, Night Sparrow, up and flying.
I just hope nothing goes weird.
Chalcedon, Girisk Rust Cliffs on the edge of the Honloo Dust Ocean.

It got down right weird in the time it takes to have an afternoon snack. Let me back up a bit.
We packed up supplies, us, So’zen “Dr Zack” Al Saba, and lifted out of Port Etmar’s docking bays to head north. Chancellor Kanter was pretty specific. She wanted to strike a deal with this pirate leader ‘Erenn Baize’ and his crew, not go in guns blazing.
Fair idea. She needed allies and things stable here on Chalcedon if she was to handle Black Sun and their associates. Also, from watching her, Miss Kanter was fighting herself on all of this. I’ve dealt with government leaders before… both good and bad. She has the makings of ‘great’. Miss Kanter just needs to trust her instincts.
A ‘win’ to forge an alliance with the largest warlord on Chalcedon? If my guess was right, that would be the push to help her more than anything we could tell her.
So we flew north for the pirate’s base or whatever it was sitting up way up north at the other side of the same landmass Port Etmar sat on. Destination was the Girisk Rust Cliffs along the Honloo Dust Ocean. Colorful names here on Chalcedon.
Also, I didn’t miss the fact she knew about where Erenn Baize and his crew called home. Not exactly, but the general area.
That wasn’t a surprise. It hasn’t been that long since Black Sun, the Bloodsmith Raiders, and the Meldari Council had a generation’s old death grip on the planet. Pirate clans would be literal celebrities in a place like that. So, any local would have a good idea of where those clans had staked out territories.
The trip started off quiet. Five klicks out, we transmitted a greeting. Nothing fancy, just an introduction and that we were there to propose a business arrangement. They signaled us in.
That’s when things got weird.
Erenn Baize’s castle, or ‘estate’ as he called it, was a refurbished old monastery. Looked like B’omarr Order design. No monks around, but plenty of turrets mounted turbolasers on the towers. Even more interesting? There was another obelisk on the north side of the building.
It was sandstone, like the other one outside Port Etmar, and acted like an antenna for the Force as well. Another point in favor of So’zen “Dr Zack” and his rant about ‘three points’. The points could be the obelisks.
We set down and the initial meeting went uncomfortably smooth. Chancellor Kanter warned us Erenn Baize thought of himself as an ‘up and coming’ Vor noble. Apparently, his crew bought into the idea as well. They were all in Vor-style uniforms and taking this whole thing seriously. So I didn’t rock the boat.
Vance opened the negotiations with discussing the missing cargo, but softening that claim with Chancellor Kanter’s desire to work together. A cooperative arrangement. Erenn Baize, or Erenn Vorbaize as he preferred, seemed really eager about this. Lots of ideas and emotions were flying around. I had my own.
Sure, Vance was trying to steer him toward a peaceful settlement. Vorbaize? He followed right along but interjected some unusual ideas. Mostly about a ‘grand campaign’ to unify Chalcedon's factions. Vanya was worried the guy was eager for a bloodletting. I was too, but I couldn’t shake that Vorbaize may have meant a ‘bloodless’ one.
Vorbaize never gave any sort of details on this ‘campaign’ idea in either direction. Reese, much to his Mentat style , prodded carefully to tease out an item or two. But Vance did most of the talking.
Then Vanya and Reese had a quick conversation off to the side about Vorbaize, his claims, and attitude. Captain Kolene had staked out a corner and held her position, watching the room. Fighter pilot to the core, flying guard. So’zen “Dr Zack” raved on about the archeology, which delighted our host.
It seems our desert “Vor” was a student of history as well. A genuine interest, too. I wanted to let Vanya know about that. Yes, Vorbaize idolized the legendary Shey Tapani, but I’ve a funny feeling he’s not really shown his cards.
But Vanya stepped up to raise the stakes. Taking a stance, she used her full formal Tapani title, then challenged Vorbaize on several fronts. Open challenges to Vorbaize claims of Vor-ship, strutting about and dishonoring the uniform, and on down. Vance sputtered, So’zen “Dr Zack“ moved to hide under the table, and Reese went still as stone. Captain Kolene? Same as she was before; ready to blast anyone who twitched wrong.
Basically, in this diplomatic Sabacc game, Vanya raised the bet, then called. Good tactic. It gave us the high ground, leaving Vorbaize to either show his cards or try to have us killed. In hindsight, it was time to call Erenn Vorbaize on this Vor play acting anyway.
Then, by the Force, life decided we were bored.
Captain Kolene, who had kept in touch with her droid the entire time, shouted a warning. Inbound attackers using Arcturan wingpacks from the North. A drop ship was screaming in from the West. All of them ready to wipe Vorbaize and his people off the map. Silver lining to this cloud was that the alarms shook the "So’zen" out of “Dr Zack”. We had our second Jedi back. None too soon.
We scrambled out of our chairs as Vorbaize answered Vanya’s challenge. He agreed to her ‘duel’. But he said he would reply with words and, failing that, with blades.
I caught the reference. That was one of his cards. Whatever else Erenn Vorbaize is, he knows the Tapani saber-rake customs. Those aren’t learned by a holovid course. Vorbaize was taught that.
But the rest? That would have to wait until we fought off the Tilles pirate clan. Provided we come out with our skin intact.
Shards of Exploration
KitKat the Mentat
Danar Vorpadaran
So'Zen Al Saba
VN Ysadora
Aerena Kolene
Davish Tam
Player Journals
Nobody knows I'm a detective. by VN Ysadora
Ambush? by Aerena Kolene
20211120 Lady Kerplokin's House by KitKat the Mentat
Report Date
21 Nov 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

Highlight Reel
Live Snippets from the Events In Progress
Planet of Chalcedon, Chalcedon System.

Spukamas: "Captain-Mistress, do you have a need for ... slightly used ... shock gloves?"
Spook: "or repulsor boots?"
Spook: "... slightly used..."
Spook: "they might need cleaning"
Aerena Kolene: probably, but where did you find slightly used shock gloves?? Wait, how do you know they are slightly used?? Repulsor boots?? SLIGHTLY USED?
Aerena: Spukamas, what has happened? Where are you now?
— private messages between pirate duo are the first clue that Spukamas has been in combat while the party was at breakfast
Spukamas: "Shock gloves? oh... just ...from some local entertainment..."
Aerena Kolene: Local entertainment? What kind of entertainment were you enjoying?
Spook: "you know... rule 9 of the Pirate's Rules of Acquisition !"
— private messages between pirate duo
Aerena Kolene: I think you need to send me the Pirate's Rules of Acquisition so I can refresh my memory
Spukamas: "But ... But... Captain-Mistress... it's free flimsie-book online"
Spook: "You know the rule Captain-Mistress ...'Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.'.."
— private messages between pirate duo
Aerena Kolene: Don't forget rule 60!
Spukamas: "Rule60 ?Yes Captain-Mistress...'Whenever a pirate is to be marooned, they are to be given a loaf of bread or hardtack, a bottle of water (if any exist), and a blaster with a full charge'."
— private messages between pirate duo
Vanya Ysadora: Here's what I want in trade: Quit ticking off the Chief Medical Officer, okay? He has several priorities and you're complicating them by not getting well.
Dr. Zack Stavin in the body of So'Zen Al Saba: If the Doctor would stop trying to hinder my work then i would be much more apt to be a better patient
— This is a platitude, also known as a "lie".

The Ysadora version of the mantra, verse 1:

:breathe in:
Emotion, yet peace
:breathe out:
:make shoulders relax:
:squint into the morning sun:
:pull up hood for shade:
Aloud: "Woof, it's hot out here."
— it's a typical hot morning in Port Etmar when we get the "incoming" alert

The Ysadora version of the mantra, verse 2:

:breathe in:
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
:breathe out:
Is she effin' kidding us?
Chancellor Kanter has once again ditched her official security escort in order to go vent at someone -- by preference, General or Mrs. Kerplocken.

The Ysadora version of the mantra, verse 3:

:breathe in:
Passion, yet serennn--
:Dr. Zack screeching:
Out loud: "Don't call my brothers 'tin-headed oafs', man, that's crass."
— He yelled something about "Unhand me, you tin-headed oafs" as he made a break for freedom
and he's down folks! He's down at the 10! Denied the run!
— GM narration: on request from Vanya, Aerena has just gleefully stunned Dr. Zack Stavin into full faceplant
Vanya Ysadora, on text only: Everything okay back there?
Aerena Kolene, on text only: All quiet here - Doc safely down and napping
Vanya, on text only: Faboo! Whose bounty attempt did you preempt?
Aerena, on text only: Not sure. I was mostly just having fun. I have heard something about that from the Pirate's rules of acquisition
Vanya, on text only: Thanks!
Aerena, on text only: oh! anytime - ANY TIME!
— Cap'n Kolene just stunned So'Zen Al Saba unconscious during an escape attempt.
He currently thinks he is Dr. Zack Stavin and urgently wants to go northward.
Aerena woulda shot So'Zen at the drop of any request, though.
Spukamas: "Captain-Mistress? never mind about the shock gloves. Taser shurikens take up less room anyway"
Aerena Kolene: taser shurikens sound like more fun too
Spook: "I thought so too! and these don't need to be sterilized"
— private messages between pirate duo
So'Zen-as-Dr.-Stavin to GM: I wonder what is in my pockets... rummages
GM to "Dr. Stavin": you find food wrappers, dried meat... you think its meat... hm... yeah ... probably meat. And ... tea bags? Yes, that must be tea bags neatly packed in and wrapped around a bundle of tea, a vitonn irok, a couple of glow rod power cells... OH! and there is PORTABLE STAR MAP! Such amazing work!!!
— the party has been trying to find that plug-in crystal thingy EVERYwhere!
aerial footage from nosecone holocam of
Girisk Rust Cliffs
overlooking Honloo Dust Ocean,
of slightly obscured ruins in area;
close-up of Obelisk as shuttle begins to descend
Vanya to Davish, silently: No highlight reel. Agreed?
Davish to Vanya, equally silently: Oh, agreed. But no promises if there's internal security.
— just before the Bad Cop Scene that got mysteriously garbled on every recording device in the area
lovely table very well crafted this underside has been well looked after
— Dr. Zack Stavin hides under the formal dining table as the Jedi Investigator makes a scene
Get UP and come ON already! I'll toss you your sabers as you pass me heading for the obelisk!
Jedi Knight VN Ysadora to her colleague So'Zen Al Saba who spent the past few days with mind overwritten


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