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Episode 3.07: Chapter 6: Introduction

Star Wars


Shards of Exploration


Episode 3.07, Chapter 6: Death on Special Delivery

  The fire turns night to day as it spreads from the makeshift hatchery to the old hospital. Soon the entire building is a red-orange signal fire as the Bonejackers finish their destructive work.   Only yards away, the mordrax trio makes quick work of the reaver mob, leaving very little behind. Once done with their meal, the largest drifts up over the ghost town and drifts through the darkness, the blue phosphorescent glow turning the creature's moss to a pale blue-green.   The smaller pair, each no larger than a landspeeder, undulate through the air to drift near Vanya, So'zen and the others. Each taking turns to twist then wave a fin trailing short green-white leafy vines. One drifts close enough to almost tap a large snout against Aerena before circling around the group once more.   Genog gets the group's attention to warn them, that there are four groups of Tau Cetians headed for Chalcedon. One will have left orbit by now, and that's just the start since the Gamesman's being blackmailed ...


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