Star Wars: Galaxy Without Hope What do you do when all hope is lost?

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This is an Alternate Universe Star Wars Galaxy. Events here have followed those of the stories you remember, right up until the Battle of Yavin where things start taking a turn for the worse.   Rather than create an entirely new wiki to cover the Galaxy, you can assume the lore matches Canon Star Wars, unless there is an article present here where we will detail the new lore for that particular location, event, item or person. Select events will be drawn from both Legends and Bioware's Old Republic lore. We are incorporating additional cyberpunk and horror elements into the lore and has a darker, grittier mood to it. This is not the place for happy endings.   Many of the codex entries come from Wookiepedia modified to fit our version of the galaxy.   Star Wars is Copyright © 2014 Lucasfilm LLC. © ™ .





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