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Shards of Exploration

A Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game (WEG/D6) game
In the world of Star Wars: Shards

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All but one of the CRIMSON KNIGHTS has vanished. Their absence has become the first challenge for the new COUNCIL OF GUARDIANS. Could there be a new, sinister force behind the Imperial Knight order’s disappearance?   In their wake, it was discovered that Emperors Palpatine and Kane ordered the destruction of Jedi artifacts and Imperial Data before their loss to the ALLIANCE a galactic year ago. Believing there is a connection, MASTER YODA requests a favor from GRAND ADMIRAL ANGELO D’ARCY of the TAPANI IMPERIUM. Assistance to aid two Jedi knights, and the last Crimson Knight in searching for lost information and artifacts. Even to locate the missing Crimson Knights.   Traveling aboard the Alliance cruiser, FORWARD INTO DAWN, the group tasked with locating the knights and artifacts make their first successful recovery. A handful of artifacts have been found by archaeologist Zaine Antara. One of which is said to be of great importance to Master Yoda. Now, the FORWARD INTO DAWN is stopping over in the Lusk system to resupply, before making their way to the new Jedi Temple on Allandor

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Past Session

27th Apr 2019
3.06: Flare Comp, Part 2

Aerena Kolene, Vance Kerplocken, and Catysus Phymen hole up aboard the Triune Paladin ship _Muinmos_ while Davish Tam confronts a Dark Side-carrying "maintenance person" of the Sideribus Volunt in the Hangar Bay and So'Zen al Saba walks the halls of the Osiris Branch Library headed for an "Eborrean" (which may be a corruption of an ancient term, "Aberration").   Whew!   That's a lot. And does not get into the faded Force Ghost of a dead Crimson Knight Errant named Sir Boris "The Bold" Gebhardt. Or the roughly twelve hundred Library staff members in some kind of stasis in the lower level. Or the beacon which the priests of Triune (Vesskhe, Nyssa, and Baymax) and the paladin Muinmos were sent to reach. Or finding the portal which will allow the party to return to their native space. Or recovering that drawing of the Kwi Gate which two Librarians walked off to research. Or the squadron of Sideribus Volunt Interceptors which are surely wanting back into the hangar bay by now....

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13th Apr 2019
3.06: Flare Comp

It's April, which means it's time to (belatedly) celebrate two birthdays via one shenanigan-fest

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