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Fool's Mate

Political event


The government of the Tapani Imperium -- and, therefore, of the Alliance of Worlds -- undergoes several once-in-a-lifetime changes all in one afternoon.

War! Systems crumble under attacks by the Tapani Confederation war machine, while Mistress Merglin ascends to the new position of EMPRESS of the CONFEDERATION. Heroes rise on both sides of the conflict, while Reavers are now suddenly everywhere.


In a stunning move, Themian Vorhejeron, aided by Lorka Gedyc and his outlawed Mandolorian Death Watch, swept deep into Alliance space. Destroying the bacta supply on New Shella for Clan Venn, they also kidnap Jaster Fett, the young son of Spar. Abruptly, they vanish into the hyperspace routes with Reavers in their wake. Enraged, the Mandolorians demand retribution, the Alliance advises tolerance. Mando'a withdraws from the front lines.


As the sector itself shakes from the overwhelming assaults from all quarters, an emergency call goes out to our heroes from Simon Illyan. He needs to meet with them immediately, not at his office, but at another location nearby ...


A month after Yeager Lexics went into bacta, he's out and we're all replacing our destroyed gear.


EXCEPT Mr. Smiley.


No more Mr. Smiley.


Anyway, Jenna Vormecetti has a clean bill of health from ImpSec. She's now being trained at a temple.

Fool's Mate: Eleni Benacor
Report | Apr 29, 2019
Fool's Mate: VN Ysadora
Report | Apr 29, 2019

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