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The Hunt for Silar Mins: Act 5

General Summary

Down and out in Arcadia Station


Maintenance crews redouble their efforts, getting both the suffocating smoke and fire under control from the Techno Union attack.


At the same time, Arcadia Station security, haggard and tired, arrive to take the bomber into custody. Other attacks transpired across the station. Security mentioned three others that happened at the same time as this one.


While the rallying cry of “Remember the Truncheon” is stirring, it leaves more questions than answers. Why was the Truncheon so important as to start this small rebellion?


Greelo and Rushlight help Station Maintenance however they can deal with the sealed explosive. Across the way, past the crowd, the mysterious Cathar known as Mordecai Heller looks on.


Meanwhile, down in the grim reality of ‘Brown Sector’, the maintenance and recycling hub of Arcadia Station, Iwa emerges from the turbolift. She finds Dizzy standing over three figures laying on the deck plates.


(Iwa did not find Dizzy. She found someone else, wearing Dizzy's armor, pretending to be Dizzy: a woman named Maia. An ARC Trooper from a very small, very specialized pod ... who intends to find out who drugged and kidnapped her baby sister.

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Important questions that need to be answered:

  • Who planted all these bombs?
  • Who drugged certain key individuals, discarded their gear and armor, and vanished with them?
  • Where were the prisoners taken?
  • Who, working across the Galaxy, is targeting the experimental sole pod of Clone Troopers designed to be female ARC Troopers?
  • Are her supposed "buddies" from the Banana Republic in on it?
  • Is Morticia dead?
  • Was the murder of Morticia intended by whoever planted these bombs?
  • Did the organizer of this attack know that Morticia used to carry the former Director of Tapani Imperial Security on his most secret missions, the ones concealed even from the rest of the Tapani Imperium government?


Semi-OOC Intra-Party Communication:


( Dizzy's player and S'reee's player were on a very long-distance trip, from the moment Dizzy's discarded armor was found and donned by Maia onward.)


Dizzy, semi-OOC:

So! How's it going? Are we rich?



Heh, heh. Short answer: "no"
Though, Iwa now has a deeper knowledge of police procedure! And what it's like to pilot a swoop bike at high speeds through a park! With a security officer across the hood of said speeder bike!
Rushlight has found the great utility of having station coveralls nearby! And... may have declared himself as Mordecai Heller's "brother" in public. In front of Mordecai. At least twice.
Greelo's giving his streetwise contacts a WORKOUT what with all the assassins that are on Arcadia Station ( At one point there was the comment "What, is there an assassin convention aboard?" )
Greelo also now knows that trying to stab yourself with your own tranq arrow to sneak a way into medical just miiiight not be a good idea ( he shook off the effects of his own toxin BEFORE it really took effect ).
And then ... there is what happened to Morticia. I'll let the others speak to that.

Iwa's player

We need Dizzy back - NOW!


Rushlight's player

Rushlight is still in Shock at the horror he has witnessed in the docking bay, but has mind enough to go attempt to copy Morticia's hard drive if possible and he can rig some power to her.... definitely going to need S'reee on the com's giving him a walk through on that... we may have to get another shuttle somewhere, but he isn't leaving Morticia behind.

Report Date
19 Aug 2017

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