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The Game is Afoot 2: Mystic Mob Investigations

General Summary

Before we were so thoroughly interrupted by The Thing I Will Not Admit I Just Encountered, Not Even To Judge Gram Valorin Who Saw Enough To Know Better:
We were trying to research a dual murder which might have been covering up earlier homicides. And we saw somebody in all-black TC armor, or at least an arm of that sort.

Jenkins says about the armored figure:

You could find an armorer, but given it's ARC-type black armor, I think it takes a different approach. If that guy is a Mandalorian, then his armor is all black for a reason -- it should be decorated with family design and action patches and stuff.
So he thinks I should talk to a more traditional Mando. Like "Papa Kal". Who really really does not like me.
Well, maybe I will get a chance to drop in on Yeager and HE can talk to Kal Skirata?
Meanwhile, N8 negotiated an armistice with the virus in the data crystal inside the mando arm prosthetic.


The problem with Travel By High Vor Standard Diplomatic Courier is, they're going to bill the Temple for this, and I can't remember how much budget will be left afterward. Maaaaaaaaaaaybe I should document some of this trip so I can prove the expense was worth Gregor's footing the bill?



GM: Some time later:

  ((If you are logged in, you can see our route here: ))
((If you are not logged in, then just imagine a classic The Road To Zanzibar type of map jaunt through three time zones and maybe over a large body of water or something.))  
Welcome to Coruscant! Diplomatic passengers get the abbreviated Customs inspection. Well, it's a lot more like a "cordial greeting" with scanners.
I need a little time in a sort of quiet corner to try to track down Mace Windu. He passed very recently through an area just below, but I am not sure where he is now or even if he is on the planet. We'll go down there where the ripples of his passage are and see if we can pick up any clues where he was heading -- Davish calls it "follow the money", a tried and true detective technique.
If we're especially lucky, we'll actually find his operating budget. Then we really CAN follow his money!
Apparently we are now going to meet Auntie at the Dead Ringer. She wants to talk to Vance Kerplocken about maybe engaging his skills, or something. Davish says she's a crime boss who does not allow Hutts in her sector of Coruscant.
She's a female member of Yoda's species.
Auntie says that Aerena (I have GOT to learn how to spell that!) "Relentless" Kolene is an ex-Medusa. That explains some things!
Auntie wants Aerena to race Baron Fell through Level 1 traffic around the palace, past some notable buildings, and finish race at the Jedi Temple. Whichever side wins (which is going to be US!) will owe the other side a favor. (This way, she is not going to have her people do things to fubar Aerena's chances.)
Aerena totally beat the pants off Baron Fell! Who is now out of his debt.
For the favor we now owe her, Auntie says she wants this: she has had missing shipments. She would like her shipments returned, or the head of the person responsible. They were "collectibles". Vance says we would be happy to do her this favor, because maybe the responsible party caused his problems as well. Auntie says they were stolen by Solias Traft. THAT JERK! He had me shot once!
The "collectibles" are several khyber crystals of antiquity certified to be at least 5000 years old; 3 Jedi Holocrons; 2 Sith Holocrons; a black-bladed sword supposedly Mandalorian, has a khyber crystal embedded inside it. One of them was recorded by "snot nose punk" Yoda. She says she bailed him out of jail once when they were young, and he owes her.
So we're talking about an incognito traveller who may have grown up on the planet Haruun Kel. She helped him leave in a hurry. She says he had the commander of the Crimson Knights with him — that would be Commander Ivana Maeques. Palpatine's Inquisitors came for the Crimson Knights but left in a hurry, because something else -- something scarier -- had already gotten at the Crimson Knights.
If Auntie had to guess, she would think an old Holocron is what everyone was after. It may have had recordings from the earliest days of the Jedi. (Jettai?) He says it has the key to unlock something that he wished to keep quiet.
Auntie will save us many steps. She arranged for a smuggler friend of hers named Prix to get them out; Auntie's associates on Thyferra were to help with the second part of getting this friend into hiding. Find Prix on Thyferra at the Mottled Mynock.
Then a bunch of buttheads from "Crimson Nova" walk in the door. They are Jedi hunters. They open fire!

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