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The Final Refrain: Kistra Zess

written by Eleni Benacor's player on May 26th, 2012

General Summary

There's a banquet that is kicking off Emperor Gregor's Trade Summit – no weapons allowed. Kistra is dressed in military capacity.
Davish Tam. Galactic Empire peeps and Landsraad there. Corporate Sector Authority.


No carrying of overt weapons in front of Emperor- it's rude. Doesn't mean I can't have covert weapons, though. Kistra is using her collapsable forcepike for the occasion.


Vorboccioni declined to attend, and got away with it. Lord Vorharkonnen ( Dragomir ) has declined, citing “security issues”.


The main reason for the summit: Civil War. Starships are attacking the Tapani Alliance. Smugglers, nightsisters, and Reavers are being found in the hulls of enemy ships that were destroyed. Trade summit at Gregor's palace to discuss this.


At the extremely well-funded banquet – Yeager, Danar, Kitkat, Kistra, and Dizzy.
It is in the biggest banquet hall. Acoustically perfect. So perfect that scientists don't know how it is made. Certain areas give access to all conversations in the room. White noise generators do not work, although they have been attempted. The floor is a golden wood, and the building boasts and upper gallery with a balcony. Large columns, and an antechamber where people are received. Double doors lead into the meeting area, and blast doors are behind the expensive veneer.


Trade talks – Yeager is involved with paperwork.


Baron Quin Vorkryloft. Van dyke beard, dark hair, blue eyes.


Danar is there with Kitkat, Yeager with his Daughter Ehlonna. Yeager now has the uncomfortable sounding title of “Emperor's Hand”. Davish is part of the Galactic Empire's ambassadorial entourage. Dizzy is with other guards in keeping the palace secure.


Five different Corporation delegates – Five. All great houses are represented, even House Vormecetti – he seems too happy. The main High Lord Bodé Leobund Vormecetti isn't here, but he did send someone. Aral Vorkosigan is there, as is his lovely wife Cordelia Vorkosigan. Also reps from mining and shipping guilds, and others from bacta production worlds. Admiral d'Arcy is not here. “It is as interesting as watching paint dry” – GM. Figures.


We are to mingle, and keep our eyes open for assassins and ears open for plots. Among these people, we will have to pick and choose about the plots. Meal, music, lovely, boring. Kitkat is the original recipe.


The food is obviously, annoyingly, complex.


Davish caught Kistra's eye, looking suddenly intense and curious. Some security around the room is also looking more alert.


Dizzy And Yeager are asking – weapons discharge, distant generators are supposed to withstand orbital bombardment, should never flicker. Kistra moved to the perimeter of the room and looked out, keeping alert.


Danar is “mixing with a purpose”? Uhoh. Kitkat is looking for alcohol (pretext – subtext is few news outlets are getting through). Baron Quin gets information from a router.


At nearby spaceport – tendril of smoke, near ion cannon emplacement in the sky. A brief burst of laser fire – air to air above. Report from Spaceport – ID – Berin Kaminov (agent). Door has been fused, mechanical failure. Techs for Vormecetti...


Three ships dropping into orbit. No response. Defensive batteries turn on, to intercept the ships. The ships are basically a nuclear bomb heading towards the palace.


Kistra alerted Dizzy and Yeager (Emperor's hand) about the ships possibly breaking atmosphere.
Kitkat sends some program to Impsec, but something counters it and sends a message “Rook to King's 5”.


Finding palace security – guy is new and young. Great.


Lights flicker and an image appears in the ballroom (recording) “How rude of you to not invite my master (is the gist)” with cackling and a freaky voice.


Obi-Wan is there, frowning and before the frowning, being unobtrusive (Hey! He didn't tell me he was here! Hmph). Obi Wan has a “thing” about bad girls.


(ooc – my job is very high classified.. I report only to Simon Illyan ).


In the middle of the ballroom, the hologram (coming from all hologram generators in the room). The computer systems are compromised. Twi'Lek with red skin, a leather halter top, and leather shorts. She's covered in black sith tattoos. (Talon? Darth Talon?). She bows to Gregor. He's ticked, but polite. Yeager is looking at everyone else. Talon smiles, straightens, and someone else joins her. A Kitkat hologram, but he's wearing a leather jacket and stylish trousers. (OOC- ok, that's the EVIL Kitkat). He announces “Almon De Joy”. That's apparently his name. Kitkat has a brother? He is just here to “Sight-see”.


Talon gives Almon De Joy a “die” kind of look. She addresses Gregor. She calls Yeager “the boy who would be a man who would be a hero.” Afterburners – droppers – 12... Yeager has everything secure. Kistra is to keep an eye on the other special guests. Got it.


Kinsa'nilim, not Talon – she is a known sith apprentice – not sure who her master is.


Almon De Joy says that “the master” wants the holocrons back that Gregor's “little thieves” stole.


After Kistra delivers an extra special ladyguest a plate of pie, this sith woman hologram looks at her. She knows Kistra and calls her “The Banshee”? And says Kistra is far from home, and says Gregor is slumming it. Oh... she needs to be slapped – all of her tails tied in knots.


Impsec is working hard to get control over the systems.
Kistra senses the presence of the dark side – to the back of the palace. A young man reports to Danar and Kistra – Agent Vorpatril is missing ( Ivan Vorpatril ). Heading to the back of the palace. Danar says the comm system has been compromised. Looks like Evil KitKat and Crazy Sith Girl are in the back – near a hangar bay door.


12 armored shuttles are over the palace ballroom.


Danar and Kistra get the doors before them open. Five guys in Mandalorian armor – old files say they are Deathwatch Commandos - Mandalorian terrorists.

“We have you outnumbered – qualitatively”.

Kistra gives Danar her blaster, since he is waving the prop replica (foam lightsaber?) around, and puts up forcepike combat.


Danar acts in an distracting way by waving his toy saber and stuff at the leader – he shot (aimed at the helmet/cam) to distract and wind the guy, and Kistra got in hits to the leader on his head and torso, and knocked the guy on his back.


Kitkat (good one) drank the sappho juice, so that will hurt a bit. So does his brother, Almon De Joy. Double whammy.


Kistra got a sharp headache as Danar dropped a tapestry on the remaining 4 commandos. Kistra backed away, and the doors closed. Then they opened. And closed. KitKat and Almon are fighting over control of them. Quin joins in the Door Fight.


Dizzy hit an assault shuttle, keeping it from colliding with the palace!


There is a cybernetically enhanced Rancor, and more Deathwatch Commandos. The Rancor has durasteel armor, of course.


(Meanwhile - Yeager and the Emperor go to sub-basement 13. Ehlonna heads off on her own to rescue the Princess. The Sub-basement is also a lab, and many guards are down. Force Lightning and lightsaber wounds. There is an Active reactor with dampening fields down there. Sith and Jedi “holocrons” are wired together. Ugh.
Gregor says the holocrons are from the earliest members of their respective orders. He will not give them up easily, and he has a concealed shoulder holster for his lightsaber. Gregor. The Emperor. Has a lightsaber.
During the time Illyan had Danar doing recon for information of the Force Orders. He distracted while ImpSec ran around and stole the holocrons. History and training methods within.
They are starting a program to train troops in sith and jedi tactics and methods. (Pitting Sith vs Jedi inside the holocrons against each other buy hooking them together). The Sith Girl wants the holocrons).


To the princess – Ehlonna, Kistra and Danar meet up near the lift. The Princess's doors are ruptured open already. Smoke coming out of the door. Six... It's on, six to three.


(Elsewhere - Kitkat is doing fun things to battle bots and does a ping. OW.
Dizzy smacks the shuttle around. Rancors are fighting droids. Jenkins is not harmed.
Sprinklers turn on suddenly, thanks to Quin. Deathwatch has to retreat from the sprinkler system).


A sensor scan of where the DeathWatch commandos are reveals that the Princess is on the opposite side of the room from Kistra and Danar (and Ehlonna). There's a second way to get into the room. Danar calls up a camera droid to help.


Kistra goes in after a commando that Ehlonna isn't firing at. Ehlonna takes after her Dad. A shaped Charge blows the window out. Kistra hits a commando in the back of the neck, because he sidestepped her attempt to trip him. He should not have done that.


(Vehicle-sized retractable chainsaw for Quin to play with. Ooooh.)


Deathwatch dude that has the Princess is wearing her shield belt correctly. Danar gets to the guy, but doesn't seem to affect him.


Beskar Aran say “they are on the roof”. Not sure what they are seeing. Sensor ghosts?

“Some of the Deathwatch are tired of your air car”
— GM to Dizzy.

Kistra is shot at. Ehlonna is shot twice, but only stunned. Kistra is being shot at again.


Danar is still working on the camera droid as Ehlonna and Kistra fight the Deathwatch people. 14 year olds, no matter how well-trained, need more backup than this against Mandalorians.


Kistra does a big fancy move to get all of the Deathwatch off-kilter, so that the kid has a chance to get up. Two of them head for the door, the other two that don't have the Princess disoriented are near Kistra and distracted. Kistra hits one with an upper cut blow to the chin, then another with the same. One is out, one dazed. Ehlonna gets dragged into the hallway to safer ground, but doesn't stay there long. Three left – one dazed, one holding the princess. One about to get smacked by an angry Ehlonna.


Mouse droids on the move to acquire and deconstruct Mando Armor.


The last Commando is knocked out. Twelve mouse droids. One commando that Danar was fighting jumps out of the window and flies with a jet pack. The Princess is RESCUED (heart) by Danar. His Camera droid is broadcasting a kiss by Danar and the Princess.


Kistra makes a note to talk to Ehlonna about the economy of action regarding beating people to a pulp.

Report Date
26 May 2014
Primary Location
Estalle Island
Secondary Location
Procopia System

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