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Take 2 parts Firefly, 1 part "What if Karen Traviss wrote post-ANH Star Wars fanfic?"; mix in "and what if Mira Grant was the Editor in Chief?"; liberally sprinkle with Warhammer 40K fluff. Bake 'til crusty. Serve on the annual Halloween Gaming Night.

Civilization and Culture


Among the many myths and legends of the galaxy are the legendary Reavers. Among more civilized worlds (such as the Core Worlds) the term and stories are considered myths, if they are known of at all. Known to spacers that work along the Outer and Mid Rim, the Reavers are said to be explorers, traders, or pirates that reached the edge of the galaxy and went mad at the sight of the void beyond galaxies.


Whatever the mythological "Reavers" were ... they exist now!


Now they prey upon lone colonies and isolated ships, or ships fresh from conflict. One marauder crew can easily overwhelm a freighter or pirate vessel of equal or slightly larger size. No one knows how many Reavers there are, but it's rumored that their numbers grow year by year. There have been rumors of survivors of a Reaver attack, but while everyone has heard the rumors, no one has ever actually seen a survivor.


Reavers are said to be from any species -- human, Wookiee, Rodian, etc.


They are cannibals, brutalizing and consuming the crews and ships or settlers in a colony. The corpses are then either skinned for clothes or bolted to the outside of their ships as a horrific decoration. Settlements and ships that have not been cannibalized are often thought of as haunted by the memories of the victims.


Their ships are a patchwork, having parts from starships they've attacked bolted on the outside of a Reaver vessel along with skeletons from raids. Their ships are always in poor repair, leaking radiation and other toxins. Despite that, they seem to know all too well how to use the natural debris in the space lanes to conceal their location until they attack.


Only a few sketchy descriptions exist of a Reaver. Typically they are horribly altered and disfigured, supposedly violent body modifications done to themselves in some sort of self-mutilation. They communicate, but no one has been able to identify how. The few that have tried were never heard from again.

Dark Side personified. I don’t think they’re a single species so much as a collection of sentients who now are living shells of the DS. Seriously, they make me violently ill just by being nearby.

Definitely one of Darth Sidious’s experiments.

  • Like with most zombie stories, the survivors of a Reaver attack are probably infected.
  • For the next 2 years of real-time gaming, Reaver infection was terminal, irreversible, and agonizing.
  • Dr. Simon Tam got on the path of a possible cure once he had the data on how Palpatine first created (and spread) the modern Reaver virus.
  • Vanya once charged past a line of Galactic Empire-loyal Stormtroopers to personally hold off an encroaching front of Reavers, because the fact that the two factions are at war is completely unimportant in the presence of the Dark Side personified. The Stormtroopers followed the Jedi's orders; they accepted assistance and direction from Tapani Alliance key figures, including Yeager Lexics and Danar Vorpadaran, on how to efficiently evacuate. They were not found to be at fault by their superior officers afterward because: Reavers.
  • Dr. Tam eventually did find a treatment that can halt the Reaver virus. It must be applied within a narrow time window of infection.
  • The cure, and the infecting agent, were promptly weaponized.
  • No government in the Galaxy considers these weapons to be justifiable. Possession of the infecting agent is grounds for instant disintegration.

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typical Reaver
Character Points
Force Points
Dark Side Points

Force Sensitive

0 - Healthy
Current Wounds
2D +2

Archaic Guns4D+2
Brawling Parry6D
Melee Combat4D+2
Melee Parry4D+2
Pick Pocket4D+2


Firearms (S) Pistol5D+1
Melee Combat (S) Knives6D
Melee Combat (S) Clubs5D+1
Melee Parry (S) Knives6D
Melee Parry (S) Clubs5D+1


2D +2



2D +2



3D +1

Climbing / Jumping5D+1


2D +1






Special Abilities

Reavers are contagious. A character who survives melee combat involving a Reaver, and has not already been inoculated, automatically contracts the Reaver disease and must make a Willpower/Force of Will save every 12 hours or become a Reaver. Every subsequent Willpower check has its difficulty increased by 5. Hibernation Trance will halt the progress of the disease but not reverse it. Cryosleep will halt the progress of the disease but not reverse it. The cure requires a major medical procedure to purge the disease from the patient, including full blood filtration and repeated bacta wraps in a quarantined environment, followed by a week of repeated inoculation and testing to make sure the disease has been fully eradicated from the patient. This is an expensive procedure, which means some governments will destroy the infected person rather than purchase sufficient quantities of bacta.

Special Note: If Reavers feel pain, they are not hindered by it—but rather thrive on it. Reavers ignore the effects of Stun damage, and do not suffer penalties for injuries. (They will, however, suffer penalties for obvious physical problems. A Reaver whose arm has been severed can only attack with one arm!)


Notes, Story Factors, and Misc Information

Description: A terrible corruption of something that was once human, a Reaver is obsessed by pain—both causing it and feeling it. The Reaver’s flesh is disfigured with radiation burns, slashed by self-inflicted knife wounds, and pierced by various sharp objects—everything from nails to barbed fish hooks. His hair is sparse and falling out in clumps. His teeth are filed to sharp points and stained with blood. His clothes are ragged, held together by patches made out of human skin stripped off his victims. The cloth is stiff with the dried blood of those he butchered.


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