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Nigahana Sakamoto

Created by Jody Krout

Nigahana Sakamoto (a.k.a. Hana)

Approximately seventeen standard years old when she first met the adventurers; she should be around thirty by current day. Dusky skin, short brown hair. Fun at parties.


Temporarily apprenticed to Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi for specific classes. Hana and Vanya immediately started figuring out how to get into greater shenanigans together than they could separately.


Hana joined the adventurers during the Shards of Honor campaign, adventure 18: "Dark Clouds Rising (Part 2)". She was instrumental in disabling the Death Star while it was in orbit around Mentis, which derailed Palpatine's entire campaign on the Tapani Sector.


Her aunt is (or was?) Dathomirian Witch Suara Hinalli of the Frenzied River Clan. When Witch Hinalli left the Jedi Order and withdrew all the Dathomirian Witches from society during the Long Night, Hana left the adventuring party.


By this time, Hana is presumably a Witch rather than an Initiate.

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