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Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 3.0 “The Sleeper Awakens”
Source idea converted from a computer game called Crimson Skies

All-female gang who occasionally find themselves on the side of Good. Especially if Good is serving Rum.


The Medusas have long been known around the Galaxy -- but especially in the Tapani Sector -- as a particularly dangerous and vicious pirate crew. They specialize in starfighter raids, but sometimes conduct other crimes such as bank robberies or smuggling or racing or, occasionally, outright takeover of another pirate gang's ships and territory.


On the other hand, they have been known to take up the cause of a hapless civilian in their own special, full-throttle way.


After the Twilight, when the Tapani Sector's hyperspace lanes were thrown into chaos by the destruction of nearly all navbuoys, the Medusas were among the earliest independent groups to drift into New Dendarii. They pitched in to ongoing efforts to expand the original small facility into a large, sturdy orbital station; they helped find partially intact husks of larger starcraft and haul them into place for welding crews to attach onto the main structure. The Medusas proved invaluable in salvaging survival supplies from dead ships, and their ability to locate and rescue escape pods lost in hyperspace was second to none.


They also started no less than five distilleries, of course. VN Ysadora, Jedi Padawan, self-appointed sole voice of "law enforcement" for what few laws New Dendarii required, came by regularly to argue for basic quality standards in the hooch: dead customers do not salvage loot to purchase additional batches of hooch.


Someone must also have appointed Ysadora to be unofficial yenta for every blessed one of the pretty lads in the 257th Clone Detachment because she appeared a few times to conduct awkward conversations about "informed consent" and "rigorous personal hygiene". Such a wet towel! At least these visits were a blatant part of regular rounds through all the pirate gangs and work crews. If they'd been tailored to Medusas, there might have had to be a brawl.

Public Agenda

  1. Get paid
  2. Optional: Get laid
  3. Get arrayed
  4. Get playtoys
  5. Get the next round


No one outside the Medusas knows if their headquarters, named "Gorgon", is a shadow port or a town on some planet somewhere or a major ship or what.
Illicit, Pirate Crew
Notable Members


The Fortune Hunters think the Medusas are probably okay to do business with; Fortune Hunters respect the Medusas' skills and territory, unless it's particularly to the Fortune Hunters' advantage to take whatever they want and ignore the Medusas' claims.

The Medusas are willing to trust the Fortune Hunters exactly as far as they can throw 'em. Make a business deal with a Fortune Hunter? Absolutely, so long as it's cash-in-hand for goods-in-hand. Stand shoulder to shoulder with a Fortune Hunter? Sure. Let him guard your back? Pffffft! No! Even if he doesn't shoot you in the back or pick your pocket, he'll probably widdle on the carpet.

deadly enemies

Black Hats
typical policy on both sides is to kill on sight and loot the remains

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