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Dendarii is an extremely large moon of a gas giant planet named Vashnoi in a mostly unremarkable star system. Some astronomers believe that Dendarii was originally a planet in its own right, but got caught in the gravitational wake of Vashnoi early in the formation of the Dendarii System.


Two hundred years ago, House Vorpelagia dropped the entire Dendarii System off its official records, with a note that hyperspace drift and intersteller storms had made it not worth traveling to. In fact, it is one of a handful of systems kept hidden for political reasons -- specifically, as emergency resources or even boltholes if the constant conflict against House Vormelantha ever got too intense.


Dendarii System in particular is one of the ancestral properties of House Vorpaderan, one of the leftovers from the days when this particular House ranked higher among the Vorpelagia group. They neither paid taxes on it nor collected any income, of course, since it was a secret asset.


When Count Vorpaderan decided to offer a hiding place to the Rebel Alliance and, particularly, to the Jedi Order, he formally transferred ownership of the planets and notable moons in the Dendarii System to his children. Lord Danar, third son of the House and a saber-rake, became the official-if-secretly-so owner of the jungle moon Dendarii. Therefore, officially, the Rebels, Jedi, Dathomirian Witches, Clone Troopers, and whatever else became his potential credit if they did great things while living in his domain; ... or his potential downfall, if they failed.


Because hyperspace craft traveled to Dendarii much more frequently, and an unofficial Starport Authority station orbits Vashnoi to provide Traffic Control services, at least two of Palpatine's nuclear warhead hyperspace missiles hit the jungle planet during the Tapani Sector-wide campaign called Twilight. The moon is badly damaged. Its native ecosystem may take a century or more to recover.

Planetoid / Moon
Location under
Dendarii System
Danar Vorpadaran
Owning Organization
House Vorpelagia

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Author's Notes

We based Dendarii's day/night cycle, and many other things about its astronomical existence, on Pandora from James Cameron's Avatar. We appreciate very much having all of this worked out already by very smart astronomers!

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