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Corporate Sector Authority

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You know what I love?




Friends, just like you, on some days I wish I could have that cool, sweet sensation of the energy of the Universe filling me with the can-do satisfaction of unbeatable power.


And sadly, friends, just like you, I have occasionally found some parts of the Galaxy where a decent, hard-working consumer can't always get a ready-made Caf-Pow™ at her preferred cantina, no matter how many Authority Cash Vouchers™ she waves at the bartender first.


But now, there's a stopgap solution! First, tell your bartender that you'd pay a reasonable price for a genuine, cold-packed Caf-Pow™, of course. Then you can mix pineapple juice with half a shot of SomnaSkol™ Red, and shake in an equal total volume of your favorite energy drink such as Photon Fizzle™ or Harmon Kizzlebrew™.


Aaahhhh, that hits the spot. Order yours today!

Government, Leadership
Government System
Authority Cash Voucher™

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