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Cathar League

After the invasion of Cathi and the following evacuation of the surviving tribes, the Cathar tribes reformed a ruling council, or government once the tribes had settled in their new homes. This government is more of a 'government in exile' as the last tribes have been scattered to other worlds. This council or league handles conflicts and relations between the tribes and larger political issues between the tribes and the galaxy as a while.


The council is comprised of one representative from each Cathar tribe. This representative was the tribal chief, or the chief's designated representative, a position called the ne neka koke ( pronounced: nee nekah kooke ). Either way, only one was allowed on the council for any given gathering of the Cathar League for a given tribe.   During a council decision, each member of the council for that gathering was allowed only one vote on a given issue. Any issues brought before the council could only pass based on a unanimous decision from all in attendance.   This naturally leads to much debate and negotiation. The few outsiders that have been permitted to sit in during a Cathar League council have always remarked that deliberations could go on for hours. But the conversations were always passionate and at times stirring.   Because of the natural Cathar tendency towards aggression due to their warrior-hunter culture, no fighting was allowed in council. If tensions rose too far, the League moderator - a rotating position that changed with each gathering - was responsible for calling a recess to allow tensions to ease before deliberations could continue.

Public Agenda

To rebuild and preserve the Cathar culture, people and history.
Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
People of the Grass Trees, Catharian League
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Official Languages

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