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Caleb Jace

Once upon a time, he was the Imperial Security Lieutenant assigned to assist his more senior colleague Aaron Hawk in arresting a motley collection of suspects:
  1. Count Tsu Vorboccioni
  2. Lord Danar Vorpadaran
  3. Lord Solicitor Londo Mollari, highest ranking member of the Order of Solicitors working on the territory and members of House Vorpelagia
  4. Captain Eleni Benacor, Abbess of the Adepta Sororitas
  5. Master Sergeant Yeager Lexics, Drop Marine, formerly of the Rebel Alliance and now in service to the Alliance of Worlds
  6. Padawan VN Ysadora of the Jedi Order and organizer of the interfaith "Tuesday Tea" initiative that allows many important religions of the Tapani Imperium to find common purpose
That worked out ... oddly ... for Caleb Jace and Aaron Hawk.

For one thing: they became personally known to their Imperial Master Gregor Vortapani.

Thus it is that when Captain Simon Illyan, longtime head of Imperial Security, suffered a medical emergency that forced him into retirement ... these same former detainees automatically drew Caleb Jace into their efforts to investigate.
One result of all this was that, for his sins, Captain Caleb Jace is now the Director of ImpSec, answerable directly to Emperor Gregor and not actually answerable to Director Crix Madine of the Ministry of Information. Director Madine tries constantly to persuade both Captain Jace and Emperor Gregor, and for that matter everyone else in the Galaxy, that Madine is the boss of Captain Jace.

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