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257th Clone Detachment

Originating Adventure: 5.0 “Lost and Found”|officially dissolved in Shards of Honor 25.0 “The Shadow Warriors”

Diverted by the Jedi Toris Crell, these clone troopers were kept in cryogenic freeze for decades until found and thawed by Padawan Vanya Ysadora, House Vorpadaran Mentat KitKat, Danar Vorpadaran, Khun Lakhia ( Tsu Vorboccioni ), and Rebellion Staff Sergeant Yeager Lexics.


They are loyal to the Republic … or what is left of it.


Having been separated from the influence of Palpatine for such a long time, the troopers found themselves able to see that the remnants of the Old Republic lay in the newly reformed Jedi Order and the Rebel Alliance. To that end, they swore allegiance to the Jedi Order as its personal guardians. They likewise began training non-clones from Rebel Alliance volunteers to fill out their ranks.


Legally speaking, they spent the first decade of their reawakening as all the “Armsmen” of the collective Jedi Council as if it were a single “noble house”. This was incredibly shaky ground, since they definitely numbered more than the allowed maximum in Tapani Sector law.


During the Twilight sector-wide assault, many members of the 257th were killed. The only Jedi locatable for at least one standard year was a padawan. She stepped up as best she was capable into the symbolic leadership they needed, But she also was one person, run ragged, with no military experience and too many people to shield. As the spiritual distance grew between Vanya and "her guys", and Emperor Pro Tem Danar resorted to more and more ludicrous political fictions to keep Vor diplomacy quiet, the survivors of the 257th decided to reorganize themselves as a mercenary unit called the Beskar Aran.

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