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Star Wars - Side Show

10 BBY

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Not everyone gets to be on the cover of the poster. Some people find themselves shuttered to the background of a scene, never noticed by the larger audience. But if a droid with whose only narrative person is to blow up gets his own comic series, then our heroes can get a whole campaign! The Side Show is a Star Wars RPG world utilizing the Savage Daddy Rules Conversion for the Savage Worlds base rules system. Its DM is Ezri Bonteri, a college student, and leader of this ragtag group of new adventurers and brave men and women. The story will take place far away and far before the main narrative, beginning in 10BBY, shortly after the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story. While many characters will return from previous narratives, some new faces have not yet revealed themselves. Stay tuned and meet the new faces we will see.

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