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"I have seen beyond the veil of our reality, and I have stared into the face of the abyss. And adorable."
— John Jusap, discoverer of wisps.
  Many believe that to be an Eldritch creature, something must be terrifying, incomprehensible, and actively malevolent. The truth of the matter is that not all creatures from beyond the veil of time and space wish harm upon the world. Wisps are the best examples of this, as they are beings who seem to defy most laws of magic and physics, and yet are incredibly docile, even friendly to people. There is only vague information about their origins from unknown sources. Three types of wisp are said to be servants of cosmic forces, while the fourth type is the result of magical accidents.   While the powers of individual types varies, all wisps share the ability to possess certain objects, creating a "bond" with them and bestowing certain qualities upon them. They also tend to form a partnership with people, allowing them to use the bonded objects and the wisp's powers in a variety of ways.  

Shadowy Wisps


The Servants of DEATH


Embodiments of destruction and darkness, this type of wisp is not as malevolent as one might expect. While they are incredibly unpredictable, they bear ill will only to the undead, or those who would create such monstrosities. It is theorized that this is why they are so keen to help ANS members, and generally appear to aid them in their never-ending hunt for Necromancers.   Weapons bonded to a Shadowy Wisp deal double damage to undead enemies, and can gain the following attributes, in exchange for adding the displayed difficulty to their weapon checks:   Deadly: +d Gain the Vicious quality with a rating of 2, and a Critical rating of 3 if it does not have a Critical rating. If it does, reduce the rating by 1, to a minimum of 1.   Destructive: +d Gains the Sunder quality, along with the Pierce quality with a rating of 2. If the weapon already has the Pierce quality, add 2 to it's rating.

Shadowy Wisp


Radiant Wisps


The Servants of Destiny


Radient Wisp

Embodiments of justice and light, this type of wisp is curious, playful, and always eager to help those with pure hearts and intentions. They are most common among adventuring parties whose main quest is to save a world or smite some evil, and will act without hesitation to save such souls.   Weapons bonded to Radiant Wisps constantly glow, deal extra damage against mystical creatures, and can gain the following attributes in exchange for adding the displayed difficulty to their weapon checks:   Ranged (Melee weapons only) +d: Allows the weapon to act as a ranged weapon, firing a beam of light with a short range.   Flaming +d: Gains the Burn quality with a rating of 2.   Deflective +d: Adds 1 to the target's next ranged attack against the wielder.


Cosmic Wisps


The Servants of Kaos


Embodiments of space and time themselves, these wisps are most often found at the site of magical experiments, particularly those involving long-range teleportation and time manipulation. They are generally aloof, often just wandering around with no apparent purpose, although they have been known to follow those with a curious heart and studious mind, usually wizards. Strangely enough, despite most members of the Kaos Klan fitting this description, no Cosmic Wisp has ever been seen with one.   Weapons bonded to Cosmic Wisps are about 3-5 pounds lighter, often floating in midair. They are also easily controlled by the Wisp itself, making them very useful for long-range physical combat. They can also gain the following attributes, in exchang: for adding the displayed difficulty to their weapon checks:   Teleport +d: Teleports to a specific point before attacking the target. This adds b to the weapon check.   Slowdown +d: Generates a bubble of distorted time, slowing anything inside it to a crawl, even though they appear to move normally from their perspective. Entities within this bubble must spend 2 strain to perform any maneuvers, and gain bb when attacking anything outside this bubble. Anyone attacking an entity in this bubble gains bb.   Microloop +dd Puts the attack on a self-contained time loop, allowing it to strike multiple times. The maximum amount of hits it can land is 1 per uncancelled aa generated by the weapon check.

Cosmic Wisp


Arcane Wisps


The Products of Magical Accidents


Arcane Wisp


This type of wisp is the only type that is not created naturally; instead, they are occasionally born from the discharge of Arcane Magic. For a many years, it was widely unknown exactly what types of spells used in what ways would trigger the spontaneous generation of Arcane Wisps. That is, until Gerald Nimblethorn began experimenting and, over the course of five years, nearly discovered all the ways in which Arcane magic can form wisps. He was renowned as the leading expert, until one day, during a tournament of magic, a clash of Divine Magic and Ki resulted in the generation of an Arcane Wisp. The population looked to Gerald for answers, only to find he had abandoned his seat to go find a drink and never came back. He later retired and used his magic to run a small cafe in his hometown.   Arcane Wisps are very hyperactive and playful, often darting from one thing to the next so fast it looks like a large halo. They are extremely friendly to most forms of life, although they have been known to be hostile to specific individuals. They have often been likened to dogs, as they tend to be able to sense the bad in people. They have the ability to possess multiple objects at once, turning them into makeshift golems, swords, guns, or just about anything else. However, these objects usually fall apart once the Wisp is no longer possessing them.   Weapons bonded to Arcane Wisps can be temporarily fused to their wielder, giving them a boost in accuracy, defense, speed, or some other helpful effect. It tends to vary between objects, but it's usually connected to what that object is and what its attributes are.

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