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The most widely used material in the system, Trillicite's natural reactiveness to energy of all kinds, magical and mundane, and it's superb conductivity make it useful for any machinery imaginable. It is used in thrusters for star fighters and aircraft, the cores for most weapons, the processors for computers, power amplifiers, and much, much more.   Trillicite can only be obtained with the help of a Troll, a species with Tillicite energy in their veins, and Trillicite crystals growing out of their arms. Trolls alone have the power to generate new Trillicite crystals, although they need to be well-fed to do this. While it is theoretically possible to extract some from the crystal growths on the troll, such actions are...inadvisable.


Physical Characteristics

Trillicite is a green-blue crystal that forms naturally in spikes which often have smaller spikes off-shooting it. It should be noted that if you see a Trillicite clusted that looks more blue than normal, that's a troll seed, and should be left alone.


Trillicite is a natural conductor of almost every type of energy, including magical, heat, and electrical. It's crystals are almost unnaturally smooth to the touch, and it is believed that pressing your cheek to it while it's storing energy is akin to the feeling of the sun shining down on your face. It would also set your hair on fire, so this is ill-advised.

Origin & Source

Trillicite is formed through the actions of trolls, although it is not fully understood how they do this.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Trillicite is used in any machine that needs energy boosted or efficiently conducted, such as computers, vehicles, and energy blasters.


If Trillicite is heated too much, contact with it can cause fourth-degree burns, which baffles many scientists and doctors. To prevent this medical anomaly, it is recommended one wear heat-proof gloves, ingest a potion of flame resistance, or use external means to move it. In addition, heated Trillicite is extremely volatile when hit with outside force.

Enviromental Impact

Trillicite has almost no impact on the environment, unless it explodes. Most scientists agree that this is a better alternative to that useless substance crude oil.

Reusability & Recycling

Trillicite rarely needs replacing due to running out, only to excess damage done to it. The remains of shattered Trillicite that can't be used in machines are fed to trolls, which some have pointed out is like feeding a person their own blood, but the trolls don't seem to mind.


Trade & Market

Trillicite is generally sold in small quantities in hobby or tech shops, while one has to place an order with a warehouse or farm to obtain large amounts of it.


Trillicite has few imperative requirements when stored, except for those regarding it's somewhat physically fragile nature.

Law & Regulation

There are limits to how much Trillicite one can obtain without a permit. Depending on the planet, one can only purchase from 10 - 15 pounds of it.

Trillicite generally costs about 30 credits per pound.
This material has a rarity value of 4, and requires an Average (dd) Knowledge, Streetwise, or Negotiation check to find, depending on the situation.
Common State
Solid Crystal
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