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The Huppster Theater

He was less than nine inches tall and smelled like flowers and vinegar. Twirling around the room, he came to a rest on on of the torch handles on the wall and grinned at me like a fool. Said he was from a theater up town that I recognized only from the Daily Mole I got that morning.   That's when I started smelling trouble.   --8th of Iron, Year 74

Purpose / Function

To put on plays from the immortal times and those written in The City of Stadupglod since the time of Death's release.


Was once a dwarven playhouse, but has since been converted into a theater run primarily by fairies. This has included replacing the rigging system and using space and storage more efficiently. Also the stage was built out farther into the crowd, as may fairy shows include a good deal of time over the audiences head.


The main structure is carved from grey stone, while many of the features are made of different colors of metal hammered into one another in bands.


Built along with the rest of Stadupglod to hold the few dwarven plays that were put on during the immortal eon for the upper classes. Converted after the release of death by the fairy acting troupe, the Bumbles, into a theater for the now mortals of Stadupglod that can afford it.
Alternative Names
Theatre de la Hupp

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