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The Great Clock

We were positioned outside, waiting for the merchant to leave the shop, and my eyes went to the immense clock over the Cogni Agnum that was slowly ticking down the hours and minutes and moments that we spend in this sticking city. The large delicate hour hand ticked forward and the bell for the hour sounded across the streets and echoed off the stone of the volcanic walls. It was time.   --9th of Tin, Year 46

Purpose / Function

To accurately and reliably provide the citizens of The City of Stadupglod with the current time and date.


Made of rune inscribed steel and carved grey stone, the clock hangs above the The Cogni Agum and is large enough to be almost visible from the northern shore of The Rak.


Built in year 23 by a brilliant Gnomes named Doctor Professor Timey Wimey who had studied time for ages during the immortal era. But she disappeared without a trace twenty years later, and hasn't been seen since. The day to day repair and maintenance is now carried out by her old assistant, Doctor Sir Mister Brazican Tirisiousis Clockycer and his assistant, Assistant Sir Danan Carros Xonerdob the First.
Alternative Names
Timekeeper, Tick-tock-clock
Tower, Telecomms
Parent Location

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