There are 17 Hives running the length of the Saldragon Princedom. Hives are enormous structures that resemble pinecones stretching almost 50 feet into the air. These pinecones represent hubs where Airships dock, refuel, and collect passengers, airships being critical to the survival of the Saldragon Princedom (given its size). Each Hive has its own distinct character, but they all tend to be free access to enter, and transportation or cargo are negotiated directly with the captains of the airships within the Hive.

Hives make their money on docking taxes and the enormous number of shops that can be found within.

Notable Hives:

Shiverreach - The northernmost Hive, nearly adjacent with the Oblivix.
Grutusk - Mid-Western, near the mountains


  • Shiverreach Hive Prison
    Just a small snapshot of the Shiverreach Hive Prison


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