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SpiritD6 Conditions&Glossary

This article contains conditions that can be inflicted on characters, and other game terms.


Prone: The character is down on the ground and cannot move easily. The character's speed is reduced to 1 and they have disadvantage on melee attacks and attacks with bows. Melee attacks against the character have advantage. Becoming prone breaks the character's engagements against other creatures.
Rooted: The character cannot move. The character's speed is 0.
Slowed: The character's speed is halved.
Blind: The character cannot see. The character has disadvantage on melee attacks and two disadvantages on ranged attacks.
Afraid: The character cannot approach the source of the fear, and has disadvantage on attacks and opposed checks against the source.
Helpless: A helpless character cannot take actions, and cannot make checks except passive endurance checks or opposed Spirit checks. A helpless character cannot use Defense. Attacks against a helpless character have two advantages.

Fatigue: A fatigued character has disadvantage until they rest. Fatigue stacks with itself, and the third level of fatigue renders the character unconscious. Fatigue is removed by short rest one level at a time, as long as the underlying source of the fatigue is also removed.


Short Rest: A brief period of rest, approximately half an hour.
Long Rest: A night's rest.
Adventure: A period of activity where the characters accomplish something, broken up by downtime.
Engagement: A character is considered engaged is they are within range to be attacked by a hostile character's melee weapon or melee attack. Ranged attacks are made at disadvantage while engaged, and attempting to leave engagement usually provokes a free attack.
Cone: A cone shaped effect starts in a hex adjacent to the caster, and for each hex of cone length, also gains one hex of width in that row. Thus a cone of length 1 would encompass 1 hex, a cone of length 2 would encompass 3 hexes, a cone of length 3 would encompass 6, and so on.

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