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SpiritD6 Advancement

Character advancement can occur during adventures and during downtime. Downtime represents weeks and months between adventures, and can be used to train the character's skills and recover from injury. 

Advancing during adventures

During sessions, players should keep track of what skills they are using. Whenever a skill is first used during an adventure, mark that skill as used. Experience may be spent to advance marked skills at the conclusion of an adventure. 
  Characters should receive between 3 and 5 experience per session. 
  At the conclusion of an adventure, or at another appropriate milestone in long-running adventures with little downtime, the characters may spend experience on marked skills. Points should be spread between at least 4 different skills, and no more than one third of gained points may be allocated to a single skill. Furthermore, there may be no more than three ranks difference between a skill, and the next highest skill (so for example, if a character had a rank 10 skill, they would have to have a rank 7, and a rank 4 skill).


During a donwtime season, a character may add 5 experience to one skill, or 3 experience to two skills by training those skills in some way. However, the three-rank rule must be followed. 
A character with a wound may recover a single lasting wound, and add 3 experience to a skill that would not require the use of the wounded body part to train. 

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