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The former lands of the Thaner and even the current province of Agbithan Gafhi are dotted with Stelae, large stone monuments erected from the ground. Though varying in size and the type of stone used to construct them, all proper Thaner stelae are carved of stone, and should generally be at least the height of an adult dwarf. Particularly large and impressive stelae can be three meters tall. Level of decoration also varies, though most stelae are simply plain polished stone slabs with messages written onto them. Particularly important stelae also feature decorative carvings.

Purpose / Function

The Thaner consider it appropriate to erect a stele whenever something particularly important happens. In addition, even if an event does not warrant the carving of a new stelae, it is often still appropriate to carve a recounting of the event into an existing one. Most settlements of any note have a "village stele" that chronicles important events. Towns often have multiple stelae, or a large stele. The sites of major battles will tend to have a stele put up to tell who fought and why, and with the Thaner, no treaty between lords is complete until it has been carved in stone. Thus, the history of the Thaner is literally written on the rocks.   Though generally not built for the express purpose of providing directions, particular stelae can still be used as landmarks. The text of a stele tends to include some identifying detail about where and what happened, and are thus fairly helpful to someone who is lost. The text of a stele is considered highly authoritative in Thaner culture, and wrongly carving a stele is a grave offense against The Legend itself.
Monument / Statue, Large

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