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An old Thaner noble title, the Ras is a hereditary lord of a region, possessing a longstanding claim to some lesser dominion within the Thaner realm. Subordinate to the king, the Ras nevertheless has a recognized historical right to rule within a region. Commonly claiming descent from an Imperial Dreamer of the Shaftbuilders, the Ras hold that their superior bloodline grants them the right to rule. Descent from the adjutants of the Shaftbuilder Empire entitles them to continue in their footsteps.   Currently, only one Ras rules with any credibility. Ras Gafhi Yaner (Ras of the Gafhi) has maintained control over most of the historical region of Agbithan Gafhi, and is recognized by the Thaner as the rightful ruler of that land. However, Yaner has no king to report to, and is thus effectively an independent ruler. As he fights to restore a king, this is not considered a betrayal of his title. Other Thaner nobility also claim the title of Ras, but have been exiled from their lands by the dragon Inkrimane and thus cannot practically rule the domains they claim.


The Ras must rule their subjects with wisdom and grace, and wield authority to their benefit. They must obey their king, for the same right that grants them their title also binds them to a king. Thus, to rebel against the king is to forfeit the title of Ras. The Ras is bound to administer in the king's stead, and to deliver taxes and manpower for royal projects to run the empire. Befitting their great authority, the Ras is held responsible for the condition of the region they rule
Form of Address
Ras, Your Grace
Equates to
Length of Term
Current Holders
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