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Khashan Manse

Khashan is a small island north of the city and emirate of Qandal. Containing a sleepy village, a mostly derelict lighthouse, and a small mansion, Khashan is mainly known as having been the final home of Jumail al-Laham, an emir of Qandal from the early years of the conversion of the Runberi to the Nuwan faith. Since Jumail's death by natural causes, Khashan has returned to its roots as a holiday getaway for the emirs of Qandal.   The manse is set on a cliff on the southern tip of the island, overlooking the sea. Some 20 kilometers from the mainland, the manse is a little pocket of luxury sufficiently far from the bustle of Qandal. Built in the 135th Year of the Prophet by a Qandali merchant, the manse was bought by the emirate a few years later. Occasionally used as a holiday home or a diplomatic retreat by the emir of Qandal, the manse was turned into a makeshift prison for Jumail al-Laham in the wake of the turmoil of the early 200s, and remained so until his death in 245. The manse has remained the property of the emirate since, mostly remarkable for its history as a luxury prison.


After Jumail al-Laham's peasant and temple backed coup of the emirate of Qandal was reversed by the old merchant-aristocracy of the city, the restored assembly had to decide what to do with the would-be priest-emir. Knowing that Jumail's popularity among the common people was what enabled his coup to begin with, they were eager to avoid martyring him. Needing to dispose of Jumail without angering the commoners who supported him, they chose to grant him a relatively comfortable exile on Khashan, allowing him the run of the island and even allowing him to send letters outside. However, he was not allowed to leave Khashan, and would die in the manse that had been his prison and home decades and later.


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