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Wind Blade Fish

This bizarre, but fairly common creature is a type of fish. It's about the size of a dolphin, has four powerful side fins, a wide, sail-like dorsal fin and a large, muscular tail and long anal fin. They have a thick, but delicate skin covered in small, strong scales, which is usually either pastel red, dark orange, light blue or dark pink or a combination of these colors.   They live in the ocean and are relatively common. They're opportunist omnivores and their large, long mouths and long tongue are ideal for eating creatures.   They diurnal and rely on their extra sense and hearing to get around, do have large, round eyes, but their sight is not impressive. They have no nose and pretty much no visible ears. Their heads are small and thin in comparison to their bodies.   They make sounds ranging from fairly high pitched to extremely low pitched and have a fairly small range of sounds they make to indicate discoveries, dangers and otherwise communicate with each other.   These creatures are timid and they travel a lot and thus have no real territory nor urges to defend it. They mate once every nine to ten months and they mate with one or two partners throughout life. Which, with their short lifespans, isn't extraordinary.

10-30 years
Average Height
1.50 - 2.40 cm
Average Weight
40 kg
Average Length
2 meter

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