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Weeping Willow

a crescent island where ruins of the school where and now a beautiful huge pale blue glittering willow in its place and a citadel of air tigerdragons took its place, preserving the history and remains. There's a large library and sanctuary at the south east part on a small half-isle as well a monument of the princess.   Powerful magic learning and years of study took place here, as Blue Spell Princess was the head of this rare type arcane. It was almost too powerful for most humans, the bad decision to misuse it and many failed experiments by chaotic student took place. Miharu was a most stern female and had no love interest for anyone, the study of the magic was the most important in her mind.     Weeping Willow is governed by a consortium of guildmasters, known as the Diamond Chain Parliament.     Huntcaster Isles A three-row of small islands with a wooden rope bridge attached to it, this is where the elder wizard air tigerdragon Gilander Huntcaster, 700 years old, has thick silver hair and fur, he's spots are paled with age, big curved spiky horns and soft blue gem-like eyes, and small droopy ears with long tufts and cheek fur. He wears well-made clothing and a dragonscale cloak, and carries a long knife and magical bardiche on he's back. He owns a bakery and his breads are baked in the golden flames of a faerie hearth, He's long lost lifemate, a water tigerdragon was specialized in salted gemstone Capricorns and other chimeric fishes. He is valiant and extremely calm.   A statue of dark stone, placed to honor of the Blue Princess.   The Minstrel's Alehouse: A grand commoner's inn, built within what was once a sailing ship, it is at the south east peninsula. Lirith: Female Gith, Con artist and Rogue, CE. Lirith is wretched in appearance, with red blonde hair and dark eyes. She wears modest garments and numerous rings. Lirith seeks to steal the crown of the Light City. Nahalla, Gith, Healer and Servant, CE, has a round face, with auburn hair and narrow hazel eyes. She wears simple clothing and a bronze amulet. Nahalla secretly serves the world destroyer and loves her mission.   The Storm Islet Home A old orphanage of tigerdragons, abandoned long time ago. now stands the building alone by small forest   The Hunter Adventurers Guild Hall: An ornate building of timber and brick walls, decorated with iron chandeliers, blue crystals and dungeon doors. The Hunter is a group of trick weapon masters that protects the realm from intruders as well they are sworn to the moon goddess, Xena. Her raven is their symbol and protector.   Merey's Forge: A cluttered blacksmith's workshop, built within the walls of an old iron tower that was once a giant watch tower with angel archers. Anja Merey, Female Dwarf Blacksmith, Neutral. Anja is tall and willowy, with thin brown hair and blue eyes. She wears chain mail and wields a long sword. Anja is hunting the brigands who murdered her family.   A ruined tower of rotting stone walls, said to be haunted by the demons summoned to destroy the princess.   An ancient abbey ruins, said to lie atop catacombs filled with long-forgotten treasures, now there's houses where the citizens living here.   The Shrine of Alula: A White stone obelisk engraved with the holy symbol of Alula, Goddess of Eternal Light, surrounded by a ring of broken columns and crystals.   White Sandpiper Wilds A small forest of white trees, looks very peaceful and normal. there's a white deer guardian looking after these remaining wilds.   The Narrow Atoll just in the center of where there was once a volcano is the rounded coral reef, it stretches along the beach and out into the blue ocean, it is a beautiful branched reef with lot of life.   Chamstino Islet     Basling Cay Near by the Chamstino Islets of is a very low coral reef

National Territory
Approximately 12000; mixed water, air and light tigerdragons with some human, elven and other races.

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