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Water Tigerdragon

The Water Tigerdragons is the subrace of tigerdragons, they also known as the 'Shore ones' and 'Water Magicians' , they have more thicker fur which is water repellent and build for a lot of swimming and other activities in water. They are common to see along the coastal and other lakes.  

    • they hold their breath for up to 20 min dive in waters
    • 2+ Constitution 1+ Charisma or Dexterity
    • Low-Light Vision
    • Skillful - The race is automatically trained in one specific skill, or a skill of choice (Fishing,Navigation,Weaver or Carpenter)
    • water powers ( lvl 1 shape water , lvl 10 Storm Surge, lvl 20 Flash Freeze )
Speak with Beasts - The race can communicate with natural beasts and fey beasts at will.   Tough Survival - The race is granted a +2 racial bonus to Endurance checks to resist the effects of starvation, thirst, or suffocation, and they can survive for twice the normal time period before they are required to make such checks.    
    • '' The Water Tigerdragons known as the Shore ones and Water Magicians, They can be as joyful and happy as a child, Their nature and gratitude for anyone makes them be pleasing to be beside, they can make beams of water and surf on high waves, they very creative and just enjoying life! ''
    • Anatomy & Morphology
Athletic and Curvaceous, females have very feminine build and males have a androgynous build with very athletic muscularity. They have a lot of thick fur and very long manes, wrist fur and tail. they tend to have facial, body scales, longer claws and curved horns with up to 8-10 points, but they are smaller and more rounded. huge rounded ears which have no fur in them as well commonly a huge bushy tail. Special trait of this race is their webbed hands and feets as well some rarely have fins and fish-like wings.  
    • Beauty Ideals
The random nature of Water Tigerdragons speaks through their clothing, they mostly loves silken, linen clothing and nettings, accessories are commonly silk threads, coral and pearls, and thicker cotton or woven wool clothing at night times or cold days. It is uncommon to see a water tigerdragon without it favorites accessories or have something they can indicate their elemental magic.  
    • Courtship Ideals
Their way of speaking of love takes a more spiritual way, they will go in long period times thinking of who they want to spend their lives with or mate, they tend to subtly ask out their loved one a couple of times and periodically try to find a way to ask about their interest and try impress the chosen one.   Genetic Ancestor(s) Tigerdragons Conservation Status Protected Average Height 1.40 - 1.80 cm Average Weight 40 - 80 kilo Body Tint, Colouring and Marking skin colors: neon blue, pink or green fur colors: dark and pale browns, rusty reds, very freckled, spotted or stripped in pale pastel like colors

Genetic Ancestor(s)

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