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Vorbixu, The Azure Plane

Vorbixu, The Azure Plane These ice and frozen plains with white clouds that sparks pale blue electrical lightning, the snow glittering in a electrical feeling everywhere. the ravine is where dark energy get thrown out into the far realm. Ice-spectral beings guard this rift as it was theirs. A positive divine nature plane, a lot of Ethereal and Astral creatures lives in the northen parts as more beast-like creatures of ice and cold environment travels and thrives around here.   NORTH:   The Crystal Expanse: The north pole plains of ice and snow, as well strange wandering and ever changing trees that teleport in a different spot when not looked at.   The Murky Ravine: a massive 2 miles rift that spewing out raw dark energy from somewhere within, no people have ever ventured into it because of the strength of this energy too much.   Catacombs of the Crystal Leopard: a legendary graveyard of the air tigerdragons, their corpses being taken here to mummify and preserve.   Harpy Cliff: Open sea between west side of the Dark Forest and Vorbixu is a huge cliff raising enormously with flat land on top and Harpies mostly lives in these. It is said to have a secret earth tigerdragon shrine place within the cliff side.   Quill Village: A village and air-ship port near Many-Ore Camp, there's a small tribe group of water tigerdragon living in harmony with the miners and other trade groups, this is the most important place of trade with ore, gems and other minerals.

    • The Sorcerous Trickster: A heroic tigerdragons tavern, An impressive timber and slate building, decorated with finely carved friezes, monstrous skulls of the creatures nearby, it have several smaller rooms at the back which is used as meeting place for traders, guilds and other business.
It is owned by; Erinya; Male Earth Tigerdragon Aristocrat, Neutral. They has an angular face, with short white hair and blue non-pupil eyes. They wears fine raiment and a few jewelry set and has an animal companion, a bay warhorse named Lorhana.     Many-Ore Camp: A outer camp place with a few huts around, miners and other rock eating creatures lives near here. The ore spawns randomly into this place as miners make sure to pick out the best ones before it disappears next day.     SOUTH:     The Twinkling Plains: the southern peninsula, a huge plain of powder snow and few crystal trees, from The Crystal Expanse it reaches down to The Oracle Spire. It always makes chiming sounds and humming with arcane magic.     Weeping Willow: a crescent island where ruins of the school where and now a beautiful huge pale blue glittering willow in its place and a citadel of air tigerdragons took its place, preserving the history and remains. There's a large library and santuary at the south east part on a small half-isle as well a monument of the princess.   The Oracle Spire: A strange spiral like spire reaching 670 meter up with a floating lilac jagged crystal above it that have some sort of strange teal glowing water dripping from it creating a small brook to the ocean. This is the infamous Tigerdragon Assassin, Nefaris and the assassin guild 'Twinshifters' place, it is now laying below the ice only the spire of the huge temple grounds.   Dancing Brook: Small river from the Oracle Spire magical water, the crystal gives life to ethereal ocean creatures.   Nine Serpent Island: in the everlasting magical fog of the nine serpent sea, the small row of islands have a special type of the harpies adapted to the environments and become civil race. only way to visit it is by get a experienced native sailor or knowing how to get through the fog itself.     The Landing of Raven Settlers : A small town on a isle surrounded by protecting cliffs from the icy storms and other weather, it have mixed races but mostly earth and water tigerdragons. A tall menhir of hewn faintly glowing crystal, placed to mark the ongoing battle, it have names of people from this place engraved.   -

Alternative Name(s)
North Pole, The Divine Ice,

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