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Vast Wastelands

Vast Wastelands VAST WASTELANDS - North parts   -   The Red Sands Desert Most hottest place where the temperature reach 60 Celsius on the high day and sandstorms once a month, this desert reach around Aventurine City to the north peninsula, a lot of desert creatures lives here.     Aventurine City Northern parts in the Vast Wastelands. The city itself laying in various canyons and cliff sides of a savanna, colder winds air out the dry heat of vast wastelands of this deserts merciless environment of this plane. The Misty Crag Oasis A Large oasis right outside Avenurine city, the water comes from deep beneath and runs through the city to supply them with water then turn into the Osodosa Canal.   New Moon Piers This sea port town, it is large as well it is on the tip of Vast Wastlands peninsula as it a very important place of trades to the Aventurine city, Weeping Willow island, Ka'ercashi and as well isles in the cobalt might.   Camp Sunset This is where fire tigerdragons and other creatures comes to become a fighter, it is a small hamlet where just five housings and some tents. It is surrounded by rocky desert and just besides the Osodosa Canal, Crossroads with the Yellow Phoenix Walk and Emerald Crossing. It also have Mystical Study: A small school of witches and wizards, said to be haunted by the ghost of a sphinx.   Emerald Crossing This road is the trading routes from Aventurine City to all the way The Blue Kiligaban Paradise and Wilder Village.   Yellow Phoenix Walk Road takes from New Moon Piers to Crest Land Tower, on the road you can cross The Whispering City, Scorched Hinterland and The Enchanted Savanna.   Fields of Twilight (Underdark canyon, drow town) A deep dwelling canyon near the rippling channel and have a magma chamber, this town mostly operates with the trading routes and scheme to get hold of Aventurine City.   The Whispering City (ruins) Ruins of a long forgotten temple grounds of efreeti. the ghosts of whispers laying a foreboding feel to the place.   Sapphire Domain (hidden oasis) The hidden away in the depths of Scorched Hinterland, few people manage to find it without guidance from the local tigerdragon tribes. It is said to be a blessing from Tora whenever found and it heals people from sickness, curses and misfortunes.   Rippling Channel This river is a strong raging one that running along the mountain chain as horizontal waterfall almost, many mountain creatures nest along its cliff sides and narrow halls.   Osodosa Canal This canal running from Aventurine city in the north to the south and joins Cliffstone Waterfall. It contain a rust colored crystals that is highly flammable and contain a addicting mineral, it is used as a sedative and illegal to trade.   The Ashwaki Tundra (north end of mountain) This passage of a road, is a tundra that reaches a mountain plateau there's a spcial kind of tigerdragon clan lives up here, the Ashwaki tribe. Crest Land Tower Just outside Ashwaki Tundra. It is small school of rangers and archers, built within an ancient tower of rune-carved stone.     VAST WASTELANDS - South part -   The Drowned Maiden Reef A tropical reef near The Blue Kiligaban Paradise and Cliffstone Waterfall, it reaches 400 ft radius as well it have a bountiful underwater tunnels, water tigerdragons mostly visit this to test their youth to adult hood trials for the elders of their tribes.   Wilder Village A small village in the middle of Scorched Hinterland, it have a small group of tigerdragons and elves, it welcomes travelers and have a good inn.     The Deserted Grasslands This place have a lot of dry grass all around occasionally F0-F1 arcane tornado are formed and travels across, but hidden in the tall grass is wildlife. Beginning at the roads that leads to Gaia, that road joins with the Yellow Phoenix Walk.   Scorched Hinterland The heart lands of Vast Wastelands as it stretches from the north to the south, the temperatures can come up to almost 48 Celsius at the day and drops to a 5 minus at night and regularly have mist forming at early dusk and dawn, these mists comes from the Rippling Channel.   Infernal Rock Canyon This red sandstone rift splits The Deserted Grasslands from The Enchanted Savanna apart with a old ruins of a haunted bridge as well a small group of goblins have taken over this bridge, sometimes there's dust devils travelling through the canyon. There's rumors that a Fire Elemental Plane portal is hidden somewhere here.   The Enchanted Savanna stretching across south to the east sides of the heart lands, joining the Scorched Hinterland and The Diamond Jungle, this lands has a lot of strange animals, plant life and elementals, as well rogue carnivorous plants. Not many stays in these parts for long, and the infamous Iron Dragon has it lair here.   The Diamond Jungle A extremely dense jungle that stretches from the north west part down the south as it have a bunch of small creeks from the Osodosa Canal. There's a lot of Yuan-ti and other strange creatures in this parts, as well a water tigerdragon tribe at the north coastal line.   The Blue Kiligaban Paradise This City have approximately 1.8660 population tigerdragons and just 10% other creatures, it is on the peninsula of this continent. and joined by Cliffstone Waterfall and Banshee Vast Pinnacle, it is the southern city of fire tigerdragons, have a blasting hot winds and tropical storms yearly.     Cliffstone Waterfall Huge and steep fall of water with history with fire tigerdragons that test their strength and will power to climb it when they reach their youth and potential to get a lifemate.   The Ice-Crowned Canyon A massive glacier that connect Vast Wastelands with the south pole ice.   Banshee Vast Pinnacle The mountain chain that goes from north to the south, holds the ravaging storms of the cobalt might domain.   -   Mystery fogged Island big mystery.

Alternative Name(s)
Fire Realm, Scorching Lands, Tigerdragons Barrens, Tropical Stormlands

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