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Valorian Siren

The Arcane Sirens, Havoc-like and Pirates , Mostly Chaotic Neutral , Medium 25/45 fly speed as young 30/60 flying speed as adult , this is halve as a playable race.  

    • 50 ft Dark Vision(colors) Gray Vision at day time
    • Where the sky and sea meets
Resistance to lightning and/or cold damage   Fighting with: short spears, nets and/or small mace or morning stars.   Favor class: swashbuckler, arcane tricksters, Bards: College Of Satire, cleric ( Nature Domain/Trickery Domain) , Node Sorcerer ~    
    • Raven Archetype
+2 cha +1 dex   Black feathered with blue sheen, some have spots of gray or brown. these are very persuasive and can dodge.  
    • Hawk Archetype
+2 dex and +1cha   Dark Brown, White and Black spots, the dodging fast moving type. they are mostly assassins and stealthy type.  
    • Eagle Archetype
+2 int & +1 dex   White and Black, with gray spots and long feathers as hair, these are intelligent. mostly the masterminds of their groups.

Scientific Name
Humanoid Monstrosity
Average Height
1.20 -1.70 cm
Average Weight
20-70 kg

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