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Tigerdragon Ancient Coin

Physical Characteristics: Coins have a mark tigerdragon's head without horns and closed eyes on one side. The other side have tigerdraon's arcane sigil  
    • Compounds
Mithral sides and silver in the middle encased with a emerald for the arcane sigil  
    • History & Usage
Cultural Significance and Usage Tigerdragons back in the old days used them as offering to their ancestors and blessing upon them. It is uncommon to find them among the cities but they are used as blessings coins for protection travel and recovery.  
    • Law & Regulation
It cant be used in the material plane, if discovered by lords alliance it will be punished with a fine of almost 20.0000 pp     Value - 200 PP Rarity - Uncommon Related Species - Tigerdragons

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