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The Landing of Raven Settlers

A small town on a isle surrounded by protecting cliffs from the icy storms and other weather, governed by the priests of the dominant temple.   The place is very calm and only have few strict laws to keep everyone content, the town have mixed races but mostly earth and water tigerdragons. The houses are buildt with hard timber and stone and there's only one inn.   The Greedy Knave: A cozy elven tavern, decorated with exotic weapons and armor, it was once an aristocrat's manor who fancied the tigerdragon's weapons. It also have several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local trade guilds, as well a common room with a huge stain glass window of the Gaia tree.   An arch of quartz, said to be the key to a planar gate.   A stone bridge spans a small stream that comes from a tall floating stone on the north side of the town. It seems perfectly normal, but neither goat nor any other animal will willingly wanna go on it.   A tall menhir of hewn faintly glowing crystal, placed to mark the ongoing battle, it have names of people from this place engraved.   Just outside the small town is The ruins of a old tower, it is said to be haunted by a strange apparition who will try attacking anyone that comes near its place.

Approximately 1800; primarily tigerdragons, some elven, human, orc and gnome.

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