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The Domain of Cobalt Might

The Domain of Cobalt Might NORTH The Light Reaver Gulf - North of the ocean near dragon reach to south east of silver reef, it bringing cold water to the south.   The Seahorse Wilderness - northen underwater jungles, merfolk territory , right under the Thunder Gale Isle   Thunder Gale Isle - a huge sky island, a citadel in golden buildings, a solar eclipse symbol circle of stars surrounding it, a lot of crystal trees growing on the outer floating rocks The heedless ones of air tigerdragons settle down here, they have shadow shrine in the dark alley called: Harbringers of Shadowsun, vampire tigerdragons   Smoldering Shell Isles (near the dragon reach, beautiful shell beaches) a underwater volcano   The Rain Refuge - A small fisher village of half-elves and other races, there's a rumor of some evil at the forgotten fortress ( a very tall island near north side of atoll)   Spirit Vein Atoll (beautiful place, a old storm knowledgeable tigerdragon have their cavern under it, a shrine here, the water tigerdragons visit this place once every 5 year)   Blue Moonstone Gulf - a underdark tunnel of extremely strong current bringing warm and some cold water to Prosperty sea, Giant depths and one tunnel that reaches all the way to Dark Forest, Everna.   Edgewater Summit School - school for creatures (magic and other things) built on huge reef like structures, there's a Couatl who settled down in this place on top the building spire. SOUTH     Emerald Spring Gulf - bringing warm water up into the Nine Serpent Sea into the north parts   The Pristine Enclave: The Island, It is mostly a thick forest with high coral reefs around it to lower the waves from ocean itself. There's only a few huts and houses on stilts since yearly there's tropical storm surge through this islands. But the bridge to Moonwich isle they get help from the silver dragon.   The Storm Dragon Bridge - A large Gulf goes under this bridge   The Silver Reef Named after the silver dragon's, protected well.   Moonwich Islet (south of the ocean, a circle place with water tigerdragons near the silver reef, protected by a silver dragon.)   Elayhira Ro Wilds - underwater jungle, deep waters     The Black Quarters - Near the Hollow Edge, there's a cliff isle with a huge mansion belonging to undead vampires. -

Alternative Name(s)
The Sea of Isles, Elemental Water Plane, Sea of Treacherous Monsters, The Storm Ocean

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