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The Blue Kiligaban Paradise

The Blue Kiligaban Paradise, The Paradise of warm winds and fruitful life,   A huge walled city with a inner sanctum called Crown District, it is on the peninsula of this continent. and joined by Cliffstone Waterfall and Banshee Vast Pinnacle, it is the southern city of fire tigerdragons, have a blasting hot winds and tropical storms yearly.     It is known for: Spectral Brass, Stormtitanium and Bloodwood when it comes to building material. As well extreme thunderstorm that makes through yearly, fruits and crystals charged up with mystic energies.     The Blue Kiligaban Paradise is ruled by rich artisan three ladies, the Human Lady Athel, Fire Tigerdragon Lady Ruby and Water Tigerdragon Lady Kiligaban. though a consortium of guild masters exerts some influence.   Guild masters:   Leader of the City Crafter Guilds: Palad Tunerall: Male Mountain Dwarf Craftsman, Neutral. Palad has black hair and brown eyes. He wears simple clothing and riding boots.   Commoner's Leader: Male Gnome Druid, Neutral. Giles is fey in appearance, with auburn hair and gray eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a spear and dagger. Giles has Draconian dog named Nilcka.   The Air Tigerdragon's Crunch Member: Penny: Female Halfling Cleric, Neutral. Penny has curly blonde hair and green eyes. She wears splint mail and wields a mace. Penny compulsively plays with a brass ring.   Battle Guild: Alwel: Female Elf Soldier, Neutral. Alwel has blonde hair and gray eyes, and pointed ears. She wears studded leather and wields a short sword and shield. She speaks with a raspy voice.     East Crown , all that glitters, metal and sort of things are crafted here.   The Jewelers Guild Hall: An ornate building of stone walls, decorated with stained glass windows.   A tall menhir of weathered stone, placed to honor Lord Wricha, who is the founder of Jeweler guild and long time died.       North Crown the courts side,   The Court: A fanciful, but darken three-storey with two towers, green stained glass windows and have iron fences around it, decorated with stone gargoyles. Owned by the Lady Athel with helped with founding laws.     The ruins of a seven-sided keep, said to be haunted by the shadows of the warriors who failed to defend it.     South Crown, crystallize housings, ballistic towers, hippogriff and pegasus statues.     The Raven's Guildhall: An ornate building of stone walls, once a minor temple. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local trade guilds. It is owned by the Shadowsun.     An ancient menhir of white shimmering stone, said to be sometimes visited by Goddess of the Sun.     West Crown, beautiful alley of rich folk     A spire of polished Gaia crystal, placed to mark the building of Vast Wastelands.   The Dragon Ghost: A large adventurer's tavern, built within what was once an aristocrat's manor. Anyone who enters the inn becomes attended by a personal ghostly companion, who serves and entertains them while they remain.   Farnworth Mansion Two storey building of polished marble, with carved wooden doors. It is well lit by flasks of glowing oil set upon shelves, A stone niche enshrining the holy symbol of Hibiscea Eymadra, Goddess of Agriculture, said to reveal visions to those who leave an offering.   Autumnburn Manor Three-storey tower of conjured stone, with several stained glass windows and a tiled mosaic floor, ornate stone-walled building. It is said to contain a magical portal, which can open into any elemental plane.     Crystalfall's Palace Ward, Lower part of the inner sanctum, university ward known for its great libraries     The Dragon Pottery: The workshop of a female human potter named Aeswith, built within a large dragon kiln. Aeswith spends several months filling the shop with thrown pots, then bricks in the door and spends several days firing it. The opening of the fired kiln is a local festival.   The Crowned Orb: A large adventurer's tavern, built within an ancient tower of rune-carved stone. Cevalla: Female Elf Ranger, Neutral. Cevalla is heavyset, with sun-bleached copper hair and green eyes. She wears traveller's leather and wields a curved short sword.   Ivy Grove Chateau: Grand building of Slates, Crystal, crystal-wood timber framed with a black tile roof and finely-crafted tables and chairs, consist of several large rooms open archways with couches and side end tables, vaulted ceilings. The verdant courtyard in the middle of the building, seem very secluded from rest of the places, but a small statue of Alula holding out her hands, it is decorated with floating orbs and flowers around it. On the upper floors are accommodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses. An attached three-storey tower suite is reserved for noble patrons.   Arcanist Bluff laying upon a hill side besides the Banshee's pinnacle -     The College of Blazing crystals: An small back-alley, infamous school of witches and wizards, known for the fire elemental which dwells in its hearth.   Phoenix Alley: A verdant alley between buildings, this alley have a stairway like housing, a lot of commoners and magic stores is placed here with rows of beautiful magic trees.   Helman's Pottery: The workshop of a half-orc human potter named Helman, who was once a great wizard, but retired to marry and raise a family.   The Evalynn's Ironworks: The workshop of a female dragonborn blacksmith named Evalynn, who is rumored to have a key for every lock made by the town locksmith.   The Dark Alley: A mysterious alley, which does not appear on any map. It is said that the Thieves' Guild knows the secret of its summoning.     Highcoin District / Market.     The Armory: A sturdy half-timbered building, headquarters of the town guard. It adjoins a walled courtyard used to detain thieves and scofflaws.   Elyen's Forge: The workshop of a female elf blacksmith named Elyen, who is rumored to have acquired a young fire dragon.   The Topaz: An elegant tigerdragon's inn, said to be a front for the Thieves' Guild. Flower: Female Air Tigerdragon Professional Gambler and Bartender, Neutral Good. Flower has a narrow face, with shimmering black hair and soft ice-blue eyes. She wears well-made clothing and a red fox fur cape. Flower is a skilled actor and seeks to atone for past sins.     Lower Water Borough Docks   A broken arch of dark stone, placed to mark the built of this place, it is used as bridge.   The War Merchant: The cluttered shop of a male elf weapon merchant named Indelmin, known for his collection of strange and exotic blades. It is rumored that the weapons are those of fallen warriors, stolen from distant battlefields by dark magic.   The Blue Rum:: A large but strange commoner's inn, built within what was once a sailing ship, it is known for its rum and card games. Innkeeper: Mally Mossywart: Female Earth Tigerdragon Druid and Expert Bartender, Chaotic Neutral. Mally is overweight, with golden hair and soft blue eyes. She wears modest garments and an amulet of luminous crystal. Mally has an animal companion, a fairy-like red fox.   Storage: a huge alley with only storage of trade and other strange things, minimum city guards but it is guild's guards.   The Bastille: A magical prison of strong stone walls, guarded by fire elementals. It is said that the fire elementals decide how long to hold one condemned, and that none have escaped them before hand.   Nymph Tree House: Three storey building of stone walls, with a yellow tile roof and tall elf-wrought wooden shelves and It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared among several local merchant guilds, As well broken monolith of hewn stone, placed to mark the Battle of Unearthly Crowns.(the forgotten wars)   Archsword Borough churches, temples and small shrines.   The Clairvoyance Reliquary: An large open courtyard surrounded by an arcade of obsidian. A company of ghostly knights gathers within the cloister upon the night of the solstice.   The Twin Pinnacle: an impressive stone and brick building, decorated with finely carved gargoyles. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared among several local darker priests, acolytes and cults.   House Of Bonds: Multicultural church, A grand building of stone walls, decorated with statues, paintings, crystal lanterns and exotic weapons and armor. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared among several local priests and acolytes.   The ruins of Shar's Keep.   A stone lantern enshrining the a orb of water from Tibon, Goddess of Sea, said to reveal visions to those who leave an offering.   The Sanctuary of Gardens: A grand domed building, decorated with many holy symbols wrought in precious metals.   The Water Shrine: A wondrous arch of clear water, said to reveal visions to those who drink from it.   The Wintercrown Guildhall: An ornate half-stone building, decorated with decorated with a glazed-tile roof and sigil of the Wintercrown. It contains a huge meeting hall where a statue of dragon and several smaller rooms, and is shared among several local merchant guilds and taken care by the priests of the dominant temple.   Rosering Ward The commoner ward of citizens and travelers alike.   A two-storey half-timbered building with a back alley of large orphanage pear garden, the home and personal library of a female tigerdragon named Ashley Witshen. She specializes in the study of legendary magic, heroes and battles.   The Heart-Locker's Bath-house: An ornate stone-walled building, built around a large rowan tree. decorated with wrought-iron lamps and large crystal with brass statue's of three fairies with unicorn horns and inscribed with glowing runes, It contains a large meeting hall and pool and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several locals.

    • Owner: Lily Whitefall: Female Half-Tigerdragon Druid, Neutral. Lily has uneven, fuzzy blue hair and dark purple and pink eyes. She wears netting like dress and wields dagger. Lily is truthful and immoral.
  Hart's Farthing the outer walls of the city, small gardens and farms located.     The Midnight Ox: A huge two-storey stone indoor market, known for its night life and market as for day it is not in use. it have a blacken steel like ox statue with Oolitic Jasper Gem eyes.   The Guildhall: A large timber and brick building, once an inn house. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local merchant guilds.   The Crystalfalls Gate: A ring of rough-hewn stone monoliths, within which lies a magical floating crystal which is the portal to other places. it is heavily guarded.   Elenwed's Masonry: The workshop of a male half-elf stonemason named Elenwed, who seems to know every dungeon within twenty leagues of town.   The Elysian Theatre: A large theatre of timber and brick walls, known for its avant-garde necromantic comedies.   Ennalan's Arsenal: A neglected weaponsmith's workshop, it is abandon and only a giant spider lives there.   The Pantheon of the Heavenly Lords: An impressive domed building, dedicated to a pantheon of gods and goddesses.     Crag Ward/Slums     A column of rough-hewn stone, placed to honor a goddess of death.   The Warrens: Beneath the town streets, a ravine was filled with arched vaults and covered over long ago. It has become populated by the forgotten poor and the dispossessed, and those who seek to remain hidden.

approximately 1.8660 population tigerdragons and just 10% other creatures

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