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Tendril Python

This unusual and rare creature is a type of reptile. It's about the size of a stegosaurus, has no legs or arms, like a snake and a thick, powerful tail. They have a deep, strong skin covered in thick, coarse scales, which is usually either dark grey, black, red or green or a combination of these colors.   They live in high areas and are common. They're carnivorous and their narrow but big mouth, their teeth and narrow tongue are ideal for eating medium humanoids and other prey.   They're nocturnal and rely on their sight and taste buds to get around. They do have lack of a visible nose, but their sense of smell and sight is impressively good. They have small, slanted eyes. Their heads are large and oval in comparison to their extremely long bodies.   They make sounds ranging hissing and low pitched wind-like sounds and have a limited range of sounds they make to indicate discoveries, dangers and otherwise communicate with each other.   These creatures are bold, very aggressive and their territory is well defended. They mate once every two years and they mate and bond with three or six partners throughout life. Which, with their fairly long lifespans, is to be expected.       Vast Wastelands - defensive - many tendrils comes out of its mouth to trap the prey(8 of them)

200-400 years
Average Weight
500 kg
Average Length
9-10 meter

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