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Shine Tower Citadel

A small magic crystallized part of the Gaia, Shine Tower.     History From the Alula and Tundra's magic merged together into a swirl, this place is wizards and other magic users favorite place, a collage where people learn to tap into the arcane energies. This place were first town were other races than tigerdragons to applying their magic, finding out the ill effects of afterlife, discovering later on that dying were non-existing. Tora's shadow side, a twin of her own. the reaper in disguise, made a magic law of no one will die without being devoured by the dream god, who should not be named out loud. But, with such existence every soul were to be manifested into existence, loosing their previous body form for a new one.   Black Raven Street   A spire of dark stone, which glows with magical light upon the night of the first new moon every month.   Duri's Pottery: The workshop of a male human potter named Duri, who is rumored to be quarrying clay from the necropolis.   Abeth's Blades: The workshop of a female human weaponsmith named Abeth, known for her concealed weapons.   The Hidden Arena: A large semi-circular amphitheatre, said to be built upon the ground where a sidhe noble was betrayed and murdered.   The Pool of Radiance: A small pool of water, which glows with a flickering blue light. It is said to be haunted by a malevolent spirit, waiting for a worthy creature to possess. The local townsfolk avoid it.  

    • Crystal Gate
As people comes from the depth of Crystal Forest, they enter through this crystal archway of jagged, spiky looking hedge of crystal plants.   Gilded Woods Orchard A special Apple and other tree fruits farm that also have strange goat and horse creatures they take care of.     Foxtail Ranch & Vineyards Owned by the headmistress; Mahoganaea, The Eight Arcane Towers get there special share as freshmen classes to work a little at her place.     The Bloody Sword: A large elven inn, surrounded by a ring of broken columns.   The Druid's Hedge: This old hedge is the home of Lenwe, an elven druid who became stuck in the shape of a ginger ferret long ago.   Gira's Clocks: The workshop of a female wild elf clockmaker named Gira, known for her mastery of languages.  
    • The Stables: The original stalls of this huge stone-walled building was a theater for dragonborn noble, They have been divided by wooden frames into horse stalls, which are hired out to merchants, pilgrims, and other travelers.
Owner: Celace Gelnne: Female Helf-Elf Druid, Neutral. Celace is willowy, with loose-braided, waist-long copper hair and soothing blue eyes. She wears leather armor over a blue off-shoulder dress and wields a scimitar and long-bow. Celace is lustful and zealous, She have animal companion, a sable ferret named Gritter.  
    • The Red Hawk District
In adventurers quarter of comfortable taverns and tough mercenaries. Its neighbors include the blacken silver hall of the Rogues Guild and a large public square, mostly all the commoners have small narrow alleys and blocks of housings, small streams of built-in runway of water might migrates through their places.   The Silver Shields: A shabby dwarven tavern it have a tilted long roof and lit with natural magical orbs, decorated with a collection of shields from many kingdoms. Milly: Female Shifter Fighter, Neutral. Milly is willowy, with White hair and bright golden eyes. She wears sturdy clothing and several small tools hang from three belts around her waist and have a magical long bow behind her bar. Milly compulsively collects small objects and She specializes in chalices inscribed with invocations of elemental fire, favored by cults.   The Toad's Meadhall: A large underground dwarven inn, which serves only whisky and mead, known for its drunken satyr bard plays. Rarder: Male Minotaur Druid, Neutral. Rarder is tall and heavyset, with black fur and gray eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a hammer. Rarder has green snake named Fangy.   The Thief's Cellar: A modest elven tavern, decorated with monstrous skulls that are impaled on swords and daggers. Brythelia: Female Earth Tigerdragon Alchemist, Evil. Brythelia has shuolder-long brown hair, sand brown fur and pink-yellow eyes, silver crystal horns and oval long ears She wears well-made clothing and a sling of vials and potions. Brythelia is sly, vulgar and reckless.   The Golden Cask: A small side alley water-genasi inn, decorated with blue and green glazed-tile mosaics and pools of clear water and which has one door here and another in an elemental plane of water. Owner: Female Water Genasi Illusionist, Good. Brittie has a soft, oval face, with straight short light blue hair and sharp amber eyes. She wears pale green, plain clothing and wields a golden glowing quarterstaff. She's principled and compulsively organizes things.   A column of weathered stone, placed to mark the beginning of the school in the small street by a Oddity store.   Wharcey's Masonry: The workshop of a male human stonemason named Hany Wharcey, who is rumored to have arranged the murder of the previous guildmaster.   Bronze Wyvern's Anvil: A very cluttered blacksmith's workshop, built within the walls of an old iron tower, home of a male dwarf named Ivial, his wilfe Khunda and his trained young wyvern Maraka. Khunda: Female Dwarf Blacksmith, Neutral. Khunda has short white hair and narrow gray eyes. She wears leather armor and wields a long sword. Ivail: Male Dwarf Ranger and Blacksmith, Good. Ivail has a long face, with red hair and blue eyes. He wears well-made clothing and a sling of vials and potions. He is fearless and thrifty.   Umber Alley : A narrow alley which ends at the mansion of a infamous wizard. Katerill Garwards: Female Moon Elf Wizard and Scofflaw, Good. Katerill has knee-long blonde hair and soft amber eyes, and unusual long ears. She wears well-made clothing and riding boots. Kater is confident and pious.   The Keystone of Alula: A giant white keystone hangs in the air high above the street, fixed and immovable.   The Blind Raven's Guildhall: A large half-timbered building, once an aristocrat's manor. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local trade guilds.   In an arcane quarter, surrounded by hidden alleys and alchemical forges. The street outside is filled with the fragrance of blooming flowers. The shop is a three-storey half-timbered building, with a tiled mosaic floor. It is dimly lit by a few candles and fairly shabby. The shopkeeper: Ik' caria, Illithid Wizard, Neutral. Ik' caria always wear alter self as a elven male with raven black long hair and large ice-blue sharp eyes. He wears sapphire gemstone decorated black long robes and wields a +1 quarterstaff and silver dagger. Bily has an arcane familiar, a white flying snake named Avalon.     A small sanctum of a goddess of fairies , Sarula Iliene   One Eyed Umberhulk Inn: The inn is a two-storey stone-walled building, with several leaded glass windows. Accomodations consist of a single large room with wooden cots and several hammocks in the common room. A small stable behind the inn has room for a few horses. The Innkeeper is an old female half-orc named Lenka, She have a smooth, pleasant in appearance, with braided brown hair and sharp brown eyes, She wears tailored black and green clothing and wields a dagger at her heavy-set belt.   The Hidden Church of Tora   Barracks of Tundra   Paladin Shrine of Alula   Eight arcane towers collage A huge towering building with massive indoor garden, this is the place of schooling wizards and other magic studying students, the road and buildings are filled with eager expressions of the creatures, words and spoken sounds can be heard from the very rooms. The indoor garden where students are making herbs, plants and flowers for the projects.  
    • There's 3 Main quarters in the collage:
    • Magic Study
    • Combat
    • Indoor Garden
There's other are: Huge living quarters of thousands of rooms for the students.   Library: Two-storey timber and brick building, with several red, orange and yellow stained glass windows and very tall ceiling.     School's subjects -

Alternative Name(s)
Wizards Shroud, Castle of Arcane Teaching, Crystal Town

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