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Pirhasula Horse

Pirhasula Horse Fey Beast These solitary creatures mostly on the plains on Gaia, they are prey to the tigerdragons as well have products of the their wool and hide. They are very good climbers and jumpers, they do not like tight spaces and prefer only being in groups around the parenthood or court shipping. The males are usually more gracious yet self-reliant, than their female counter part and their colors are more darker vibrant coats. The females, however, are usually more obedient. Pirhasula means Plains Born Choose 2 language of choice +1 Str and 2 ability of choice Fast Charge - +10 movement an advantage on attack while charging.   Basic Information Anatomy & Morphology These cat-like horses are a type of mammal. They have two arms and two legs, with a sleek, thin tail with long horse like hair. Their eyes sit high in their sockets and can often make them appear to be troubled. Their eyesight is among the best. Their narrow mouths and small muzzle like face, Their ears are huge and oval and their hearing is excellent. They also have long fur on their clove-hands and hooves. Their skin is very thick and very strong. Their skin colors are mostly light pale, pink, brown or silver, which tend to become dim as they age.   Dietary Needs and Habits They eat vegetation, mostly. they sometimes relaying on the fruits and other types. rarely eat seeds.   Biological Cycle They shed between early spring and mid-autumn. They breed in late spring and leave their young one in late winter 2 years after.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Solitary to Herds of 10



Uses, Products & Exploitation

They produces a highly fat content of milk and meats. and their shedding are a cotton like product for most of the tigerdragons. leather is water resistant. the bones can be used for arcane magic powder.

Average Intelligence

Young human adult

Scientific Name
Humanoid Beast
30-140 years
Conservation Status
Partial Protected
Average Height
2.00-2.50 cm
Average Weight
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
rusty red, purple black, browns, black, gray, white, spotted, dapple or tuxedo

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