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The Goddess, All Knowing of Arcane Magic. This is Orchid, A Spirit animal of barn owl and fallow deer. They know a lot of subjects, telepathic communication with their followers, travel across the astral in their sleep. They sleep at the Weeping Willow ocean bed, only awaken if Alula needs them.   Beautiful and graceful appearance of spirit animal as skies howls with the nature sounds and mountain rises above a wonder of the beast itself, Orchid appears through a innocent life as they slow moving wings soar above their shadow, the black eyes pierce their very being and antler sparkle, glimmer with many colors into the arcane weave itself.   Powers   Frost Cloak - They coat their armor or body in dense sections of ice giving them a +1 to AC this increases to +2 at 9th level to +3 at 15th level for three rounds as a bonus round, twice a long rest.   Wind Surge - 40 ft speed on land that can sweep people in 30 ft radius of their feet make them prone till it is their turn.   Step of Storm - Disengage or Dash action as a bonus action on your turn, and your jump distance is doubled for the turn.   Winter Storm - cold winds swirls around an exhaustion for two rounds and each time a ice cold windfall push them to the ground, knock out if they fail a save.   Ice Bomb - Explodes into a cloud of freezing gas (5d6 cold damage and poisoned, Con save half and negates).   Wind Bow - conjures a bow of ice and arcane arrows (150 ft, 3d8 cold/force damage) for a whole round.       - Old tradition In the lands of Weeping Willow it is tradition for spirit animals to plant vegetables and other food in a community plot of land once a year. It's supposed to be a symbol of individualism and generosity and it's usually part of a larger ceremony that can last for almost a week.   -

Divine Domains

Arcane, Knowledge, Books, Energy, Wind, Air, Storm, Cold, Restrictions, Apathy

Holy Books & Codes

Messages told in the book: Spirits of Storms  

  • ' The line of Knowledge shall be hidden until the Walls of Quests are broken '
  • ' Then The Night Walker shall reign until the Black Wolf rests upon the tomb '
  • ' As the Winged Serpent lies in blood and the Thorn Crown is broken, the House of Purses shall fall '
  • ' Upon the Twilight of Oaths, when the The Shadow Prince is crowned, the Blood Moons shall destroy magic forever '
  • ' The line of Faith shall be hidden until the last storm gathers, The White Wolf will rise above them all '
  • ' Upon the Night of Omens, in the Forest of Nightmares, the Emperor of Knowledge shall escape his prison '
  • ' As Foretold in the Year of Peace, the Kingdom of Tomes shall fall '
  • -

    Divine Symbols & Sigils

    A pair crystal antler, black silhouette of an owl and antlers on a book

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    Being born from the ever tearful gem hidden in a black woodland of the dark forest, the strange barn owl like deer being with their kin, they make strange frost like flowers, plants and other strange objects as they wandering to find food. they eat ice, barks and plant material for consumption.   The little deer creature follow the herd as they landed in the forests of giant pines and was the most beautiful among other creatures, every year was a migrating and small trips to new places, protected and fed by earthen tigerdragons, they were shy but trusted the rangers of the emerald green forests. They lived and thrived in the herd for many, many years to come. The little one was named Orchid by the alpha of the herd and was lighter in colors than the rest of them.   After a few winters in the dark murky forest, the strange little spirit animal a owl-deer with beautiful sparkly horns had a thought, normally it wouldn't happen. the curious spirit went on a wandering out from the dark forest to cross over something it have not seen before, a ocean. it could cross it with its ice abilities as it landed in the Weeping Willow small forests.   Where it found a other two legged person, never in its life have someone shared mind with them as they spoke. the person asked them what was their name as they answered ' Orchid ' and they began connecting as well with the Goddess of Light, Alula. Another winged creature, another person, animal like, wise and calm. The teacher humanoid Keiji became fond and kind towards Orchid's shy behavior and help the spirit animal the best way he could.   As it communicated and was curious it learned how to master the arcane strings and elemental magic, it wanted to know everything. Still young to the heart it bonded itself to the library and read everything that it could muster and find, years went by as it learned language and read more, the teacher Keiji observed it as they didn't thought too much of it. mostly to see what and why they study so much and how they avoid other students.   Years passed by as they became a sight, inspiration of younger students. not many could communicate with them and few rarely be trusted by Orchid, as for their arcane and knowledge they were passive aggressive of who got to know and not. They learned from history to not give it to anyone of low and greediness, as well it is not for anyone to know. Widely Orchid was known as the only spirit animal with thoughts and will to share and became a big picture.   After she filled her 80 years as study and teacher of arcane threads, Keiji got worried for Alula's obsession for the knowledge of Orchid and the spirit animal's safety, under the celebration year to come Orchid was nowhere to be seen, none could understand how Orchid suddenly vanished, student kept asking around and wondering where they went. But there's stories and rumors going around.

    Divine Classification
    Spirit Beast Demi-God
    Lawful - Natural
    Current Location
    Weeping Willow
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Novice of All Winds, Elder of Storms, Wind Goddess of Willows, Spirits of Storms
    Dark Forest
    Black Obsidian
    4 meter
    100 kilo

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