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Nomadic Walezepu

This odd, but common creature is a type of bird. It's about the size of a chicken, has two smaller wings and four small but strong, clawed legs and a long, slender tail. They have a thick, smooth skin covered in a combination of short feathers and pretty duvet feathers, which is usually either bright orange, light blue, light pink or purple with black, gray or dark brown spots or underside of the body. a combination of these colors.   They live in temperate, low and high areas, plus they are uncommon to see in cities. They're herbivores and their small saw toothed, narrowed beaks and rough tongue are ideal for eating leaves, flowers and berries.   They're diurnal and rely on their extra sense and hearing to get around. They do have large, round eyes, but their sight is not that great. They have strong hollowed beak and tiny, almost hidden ears. Their heads are fairly small in comparison to their bodies.   They make sounds ranging from high pitched to relatively high pitched and have a extremely limited range of sounds they make to indicate discoveries, dangers and otherwise communicate with each other.   These creatures are bold, but their nomadic lifestyle has made them placid in terms of defending territory and they mate with multiple partners throughout life. Which, with their very long lifespans, is quite common among other species as well.  

    • Behavior: Nomadic Thieves, Roguish, Mimicking, Wicked, Odd
    • egg counts: 10-20
    • +3 Dexterity
    • Low-Light Vision
    • Hidden in bushes and light forests area

80-200 years
Average Height
50-90 cm
Average Weight
20 kg

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