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Night gaudan Shin

This odd and nearly extinct creature is a type of mammal. It's about the size of a deer, has four legs, but they have arm like tail with a blunt like stinger. They have a thin, but scale-like skin covered in thick, coarse hairs which is usually either dark gray, light blue or light purple or a combination of these colors.   They live in plain areas and are uncommon. They're carnivorous and their fairly medium big mouths, their teeth and wide tongue are ideal for eating small creatures.   They're nocturnal and rely on their sight and sense of smell to get around. They do have short, pointy ears, but their hearing is fairly impressive. They have large noses and wide, elliptic eyes. Their heads are relatively thick and round in comparison to their bodies.   They make sounds ranging from fairly high pitched to fairly low pitched-like howls and have a large range of sounds they make to indicate discoveries, dangers and otherwise communicate with each other.   These creatures are quite forceful, but their nomadic lifestyle has made them placid in terms of defending territory. They mate once a year and they mate with just 1 partner for life. They get up to 5-6 pups. Which, with their long lifepans, isn't too surprising.

100-150 years
Average Height
1.70-1.95 cm
Average Weight
100-120 kg
Average Length
1.50-2.00 cm

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