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Myra Demigoddess

Banshee of Cosmos (a.k.a. Tribute of Fey, Navigator of the Skies, Elven Mother of Stars, The Mournful Bridesmaid)

The very flicker of the entities from the darkness of the fey woods, the banshee looking demigoddess flows through the woods as well the space around the Dark Spires, haunting places where the living lost their lives. Myra represents the lost, the forgotten and entities of darkness to its elven folk of hidden treasures.     '' She moves in the wild, vast space as a ghost veil, she whisper words of the path, where ever it goes... ''     The naked skin glimmer like dark space dust, as the pale long hair entwine around her body like branches on a tree, the purple eyes looking deep and soothing and her breath always sparkly with the weave of arcane magick.   She holds a sextant in her hands sometime on holy paintings in cathedral in the Fallen Star Hill ruins, as the forgotten civilization went down by the first war and earthquake by the goddess of earth went berserk on its very grounds.     Equipment: Myra known a lot of magic and always carry with books and vials.   - Dreadspear of The Plague Horse - A magical crossbow engraved with crows and skeletal horses - 1d10 + Necrotic damage 2d4 + Dex modifier   - The Star's Sextant - Gives her resistant to Piercing, Cold, Force, Poison, Fire and Immunity Charm, Sleep, Prone, Fatigue and Exhaustion. It also have a Star Spell twice a day: Shots four daggers of Chromatic Orb and it hits up to two targets on her intelligence score and modifier.     - Dark Fey's Tome and Bone set   This set of inscribed black bones is contained in an engraved silver coffer and large book is written in golden ink upon parchment and bound in monstrous hide trimmed with bone. only   When first opened, it unleashes a vortex of wind about 40 ft radius, dust devil type.   The book(five spell slots):
  • Burning Hands, Catapult, Chromatic Orb, Earth Tremor, Mage Armor, Snare, Clairvoyance, Non-Detection, Mirage Arcane, Glibness, Harm, Astral Projection, Meteor Swarm.
  • The five bones have magical inscription(three spell slots):
  • Antimagic Field, Control Weather, Dominate Monster, Mislead and Mind Blank.
  • Divine Domains

    Cosmos, Astrology, Spirits, Possession, Mythology, Planets, Navigation, Stars, Guidance, Elves

    Holy Books & Codes

  • Weaves of the Stars - A book of poems of lost, mournful bridesmaids that was jealous of their lack attention, killed or burnt on the stakes.
  • The Answers Of Myra - A book from Myra about a betterment for everyone how reads it, as well it have written some words and tenets of faith, as these are spoken in mind or read out loud means you bind a contract towards her and it will be given option if you are willing to get her favor or not. Reading for 44 hours.
  • Requires attunment, written in Deep Speech. Gives the Infusion of Glory, Pick two spells:
  • Burning Hands, False Life, Thunderwave, Witch Bolt
  • Aganazzar's Scorcher, Shatter, Warding Wind
  • -

    Divine Symbols & Sigils

    Antique sextant With night skies around it, Spyglass with three orbs around it (Yellow)

    Tenets of Faith

    - '' An Impossible Flower. Forbid the sight of man to thread among her woods. ''   - '' Dream Of Tomorrow, Live In The Now. You shall live life with joy and wonder, for the world is a wonderful place. ''   - '' To Be In Need Is Bittersweet. You shall detach yourself from dark desires. ''   - '' Escaping Prison With A Feather. You shall hold faith and shall fight the darkness wherever it may show. ''

    Personality Characteristics


    Help people navigate the vast universe   Warn people of forborne dangers when they traveling in the cosmos   Make humanoids fearful for sinning upon her name   Make ships wreck islands for hundreds of centuries

    Divine Classification
    Neutral - Evil
    Current Location
    Dark Forest
    Mez'larian Elf
    Biological Sex
    Purple Glimmer
    Pale Rainbow Hair
    Skin Tone
    38 kilo

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