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Moving Sadness

    • History
In the early thousand years before the great gods created such death bringing place it was a good farming lands for the humans and elven alike, forests and the soil was magnificent, the crystal trees made sure of a blessing from Tora to forever grow such beautiful crops.   As the flourish of life, natural magic and radiance. living in harmony with each other, they had to flee from the places their lived, something from the shadows made it difficult to live there. The ground cracks open and swallow creatures, toxic gases made it hard to live, Alula and her guardians tried their hardest to mend the towns and livelihoods, but more and more death came among the people. Suket's influence almost reached and corrupted the tree of beginning, but with help from the upper planes and angels, they stopped it.   Suket in their fury waited for someone, her thoughts reached out into the depth of far realm, reached for the minds of illithids, as they now freed the raging monstrosity.   Its been over 570 years and the war still going on these badlands and echos roam through the silent places, ruins laying below.    
    • Depraved Hinterland
The small outer boarder that been drenched in skeletons and other rotting material from the warfare.      
    • Buckingdown Brook
Slow moving black water running from Dark Vault down to the Penitentiary.  
    • Laughing Tributary
This green teal river joining up with the Buckingdown Brook as fog from its enchanting arcane magic, some say it comes form the Shadowfell others says its blessed celestial powers.    
    • Fogband Outpost
Approximately 70; primarily undead and humans, some shadow tigerdragons, dragonborn, elven, orcs. On the planes of this ever dark and undead place, is a small outpost of a village, laying a light fog by the Laughing Tributary.  
    • The Ashen Bells Inn
Once was a temple for an ancient god, became a establishment of good undead family of sheep-like folk. It is located in Fogband Outpost. The inn is a half-broken two story rock and timbered building, with roughly hewn wooden tables and benches and a small hedged yard. A large iron cauldron sits in the center of the common room. Accommodations consist of several wooden cots in the cellar. The history behind the temple is it got hit by a huge meteor piece as the piece laying just half mile away from the temple, the meteor piece is part of the moon shard.    
    • The Death Knell Obsidian Penitentiary -
A huge towering building of basalt and obsidian, there's seven towers around that is in gothic architecture. there's huge dragon gargoyles holding fire basins in their claws which is Prison contain most dangerous entities and people across the far realm, the past leader was Suket is now the leader of the prison and turned into a bloodbath arena to make her opponent suffer slowly and helplessly die in front of other people.      
    • Savant Shadow Athenaeum
a library near the entrance of the prison, a dark calling knowledge place. In the fear but honorable of a overlord that in long time been locked up in the prison. the overlord was a hooded person, some say it i was a dragon, others say it was a simple human. but it is said that it have a secret forbidden vault somewhere. Earlier known as ' Requiem Aeos Athenaeum '    
    • Dark Vault Cemetery
A ruin of a church of Selune, Moradin, Tymora and other deities. all lost to the warfare that happens aeons ago according the tigerdragon's timeline.      
    • Excaster Depth
A small dried out pound, a strange stone formation laying on the bottom surrounded by fish skeletons. It holds a ghost of the once was a goddess, the Zetana, Travel goddess and giving people a safe passage.      
    • Waterless Boneyard
A arid skeleton formed valley of rotting corpses, bones and zombies, even a ancient greater wyrm that have crystallized into the rest of the valley.  
    • Shimmering Creek
A small river that running from a strange blue overflowing well by the entrance to Night Wraiths Road.    
    • Night Wraiths Roads
leads to Boneyards, City of Mind flayers, Shine tower, Sorrow's Black Sun Tavern  
    • Death's Door
Approximately 22600; primarily humanoids, fiends and spirits, some tigerdragons, aberrations, celestial and elementals. Sitting on a hill top just a half day walk from Crystal edge and shimmering creek is this ruins of once a castle belonging to the three sisters celestial the Black Sun, gigantic white marble-looking tetrahedron star in the throne chamber, slowing rotating on its own. nobody have ever disrespected it and said anything bad. it is said it is belongs now to the mysterious Soul Collectors and their leader Miharu and other say it is death's door itself.  
    • Sorrow's Black Sun Tavern.
The inn is a two-storey building of timber and brick walls, with well-made wooden tables and chairs. Accomodations consist of several small rooms with wooden cots and wooden cots near the hearth. as well besides is three-storey tower of finely wrought iron, with a slate roof is the owner's home A collection of exotic unopened drinking vessels, as well ornate ink flasks and quills rests upon a shelf. The inn is widely known for its adventuring patrons and the magical Crownberries Whiskey, the fine arcane alcohol made by tigerdragons.
    • The Tavern Owner Haya: Female Gnome Assassin, NE. Haya is willowy, with tightly braided long black hair and sharp dark hazel eyes. She wears leather armor and wields a poisoned, but hidden pair of daggers and plenty of darts. Haya is greedy and coarse.
    • Co-Owner Gare: Male Gnome Illusionist, LE. Gare has a long face, with braided silver hair and soft green eyes. He wears modest garments and wields a quarterstaff and sling. Gare has an arcane familiar, a bipedal rat wearing a tiny cloak and wielding a tiny sword.
    • Litchling Forest
Dead wood and ruins of once was forest, a grim echoing whispers of afterlife, the ever cindering and red glow of a embering fire. the bitter feelings of the war laying in these woods. the highly toxic crownberries can be found growing around as plants leeching on the strange black crystallized trees.  
    • New Haven Nation
A underdog group located in a forest grove of Litchling, they guarding a small portal they call: the wheel of ever midnight. They work with slavers of Thay and Underdark.    
    • The Wheel of Ever Midnight
A portal in the depth of a fogged valley of Lichling forest, souls and other dark beings wander here. it will affect anyone even with immunity to feel the negative emotions and despair. Suket draws powers from this portal that is deep beneath the beds of polar sea called death waves, this place makes the god so powerful that everyone in their presence bends to her absolute.    
    • FOREST ENCOUNTERS: (D20 , 15 )
    • Aina, a humble female human peddler of goods. She is very drunk, and excessively friendly, accompanied by A female halfling ranger named Alin. She is wearing the holy symbol of a long-forgotten sea god (Dagon)
    • Several bugbears feast upon the corpses of a gang of brigands.
    • A shepherd appears to be moving a flock of invisible sheep.
    • The ruined village of Sliver Grooves. The village is occupied by a horde of ogres and dark orbs.
    • A malevolent tree stands beside the road. Many humanoid skulls have been hung from its branches.
    • Livella The mistwalker, a male elf minstrel wandering the world. He is actually an aristocrat of the realm, who is hiding from the assassins of a corrupt rival.
    • A corpse lies beside the road, warped and deformed almost beyond recognition.
    • A gang of brigands led by a male halfling, They are accompanied by an elven enchantress that rides a unicorn.
    • Strange skull-like toadstools grow beside the road here. (Night hag)
    • A caravan of merchants led by a male halfling. They are carrying demonic idols from the Sharp Rocks Ridge Mountains.
    • A group of peasants digging a well. Each of them is wearing a wide belt with numerous pockets and pouches.
    • A ladder of shelf mushrooms leads up the side of a tree to a dark hollow.
    • The road ahead passes through a verdant garden of flowering trees and hedges, The ruins of the Shrine of Dreams. An elven maiden has been recently sacrificed upon the altar. (wight encounter)
  • A malevolent willow tree stands within an old cemetery. Many withered corpses hang from its branches. (Ettin encounter)
  • Alternative Name(s)
    Lands of Darkness, Misery Peninsula, Shadow Tree Prison Road

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